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Googleshng - March 15 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Text adventures are written in a happy little language called Inform. It's quite handy and versitile, and anything which the creators didn't take into account when creating it can be jury-rigged if you know what you're doing. I however don't know what I'm doing, so in attempting to create a game where the stanard compass of north/south/east/west/up/down don't apply, and there's a new strange set, I came up with the interesting problem that going in a direction where there's no exit, rather than resulting in the message "You can't go that way," dumps you into a horrible pitch black nethervoid from which there is no escape.

Admittedly, there's a certain appeal to this, but it's a bug I should really fix. Ideally without resorting to some lame cop-out like renaming the preset compass directions.

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This is kind of a weird question, but I figure since you deal with a lot of RPG fans on a regular basis, you're a good person to ask.

I've noticed that Square Enix fans have a tendency to get upset over the Japanese rereleases of their more popular games (FFX International and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, for example). It's understandable, because the rereleases have a lot of neat stuff added to them. I don't know why Square Enix doesn't seem to think they'll sell here, but it seems very disrespectful to the non-Japanese fanbase, IMO.

This brings me to the release of Star Ocean 3. SO3 has yet to be released over here, but the Director's Cut is already out in Japan. Squenix hasn't announced any plans to bring over the Director's Cut, but I'm not sure it's safe to assume that the extras from the rerelease are being added to the American version.

If the Director's Cut is NOT being brought over here, Square fans could have a chance to voice their opinions about the rereleases. If fans boycotted the game, and SO3 had poor initial sales, it would hit Square Enix where their ears are (their pockets).

The question is, do you think the boycott is a good idea? I'm still not sure if I'm jumping too far ahead of myself, and the fans might not be willing to put off buying the game. There's also the matter of all the running around and spreading the word, which is going to take a lot of effort.

What say you?

Solaris Magnum

First off, it should be noted that generally, when a game has a Japanese rerelease with new features added, those "new features" are the ones that popped up while it was being brought over to the U.S. (or occassionally Europe). So 9 times out of 10, you're getting the same things they are in Japan, without the annoyance of having to buy the game twice or waiting an extra year.

That said, your boycott notion here is fundementally flawed. You are proposing people show a company that there's a market for a game in a region by refusing to buy that game. The only thing that could hope to accomplish is making sure the next Star Ocean game to come out isn't released in this country at all.

Review type gripes.

I love this site, it`s great for info on up coming games and stuff, but one thing really bother`s me. Why is it that when a new game comes out people hurry up and try to make a reviews as fast as they can. For example, some of the reviews for Final Fantasy X-2 frustrate me because some of the things the reviewers say are not accurate and they are also too subjective. They throw around their opinions and personal beliefs when really, rpg fans don't know if the game is aimed at teenage boys, give me a break. Seeing Rikku's thong straps wont stop me from playing the game. I read one that said changing dresspheres was a cool concept but said afterwards that later on it "becomes tiring and too long", and that you can`t do anything about it. If that person did more research, in the configuration menu you could change it so that you don`t see the sphere change sequence at all, only the change in battle. I could go on, but I think you get the point. So like I asked, why do they put reviews out on the internet when some of the thing the reviewers say are not accurate? Would it not be better to fully understand the game, and then put out a review without being too subjective and let the rpg fans make there own opinion?

Well, with reviews written by the actual staff, we have a pretty thorough system of checks and balances in place to make sure our reviews are factually accurate, and free from any major personal bias. When you start discussing reviews sent in by readers (which I assume is what you're griping about here) it isn't really possible (or practical) to have that sort of quality control. Of course, the bottom line here is that reviews, as a general rule of thumb, or going to have inaccuracies and bias from time to time, no matter who writes them. Really, the best thing to do is just find a reviewer you agree with most of the time, and hope the trend holds. Of course, a reviewer you always disagree with works just as well.


Hey Andrew,

I noticed in your last Letters Column that you are a Harvest Moon-avoiding ninja. What an injustice to everything RPGness! Geesh, how can you call yourself an RPGamer when you neglect the most original and immersive RPG series ever made? Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life promises to expand and improve on the tried and true formula that has made this series so well-loved by fans all over the globe. If you should have the audacity to pass this game up, I will locate your location of existence and kill you.


Peckmoe Gallant

P.S. Oh no! I've insulted the terrifying doom leader an alternate game universe where I seemed forced to play the terrible games you like to play! Run for your lives!

Well, my name isn't Andrew, and I have no intense hatred of the Harvest Moon series, so uh... these aren't the droids you're looking for?

Of course, it should be noted that nobody has ever come close to giving me a good reason to consider Harvest Moon an RPG.

The Last Laugh:

So anyway, let's see if I can get people to stop walking through walls into hideous nightmare worlds.

Also, since I've seen no signs of life from the guest host du jour, if anyone feels like offering up a copy of Toejam and Earl, Phantasy Star 4, or Dark Cloud 2, I'll get things rolling again, and should Mr. Rebbie reappear, I'll work something or other out.

Googleshng "and always whirling! Whirling! Whirling towards freedom!"


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