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Googleshng - March 11 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Bad power! Don't go out when I'm working on the column like that!

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Some people say I plug it too much, but I sorta have to some times.

I am a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics on the original Playstation. Can you recommend any games that are similar on PS2?

The only PS2 TRPG that really comes to mind is Disgaea. I could list a few dozen if I got into PSX and GBA games though. Vandal Hearts and Kartia in particular, and of course FFTA.

And so the brave COW saved the beautiful COW from the evil COW.

I named the one on the left Bessie and the one on the right I named Bessie... Yeah I know I'm a genius when it comes to naming things.

I am reminded of a certain old sitcom set in a hotel in Vermont.


MWA HA HA HA! I have stolen your hidden stash of tildes, and shall now give them to the WORLD! ~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~

- Feep "You didn't deserve them anyway"

You fool! You foolish fool! Those aren't tildes! Those are my zombie-plague spreading leeches! I was saving them for when I met the people who are butchering Dawn of the Dead! Now I'll have to breed a new batch from scratch!

I am not tech support.

Ok, now is it possible to play FFXI if my PC runs a parellel mg2 mechanism through the 2 gig hard drive's power divider? My main concern is the virtualx45k coding that was used to upgrade the hard drive to this higher standard of performance and also if you can take note that my processor was upgraded to surpass the minimum requirements but has the MLS technology. Thanks for your time.

As that's pretty much solid gibberish to me, I'd suggest running yon benchmark test on Square Enix's page and go off that.


In Crystal Chronicles can you have a bigger party than 1 in single player mode?

Well, there's the little moogle carrying your lantern for you, but otherwise no.

The Last Laugh:

There's the column. Now I'm off to a wild and wacky weekend full of magic powers and robots.

Googleshng "But don't eat me. I'm only plastic."

You understand the silverware? Cukoo! Cukoo!

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