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Googleshng - March 10 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Or her head, or its head. Whatever. Can't tell the gender of a chupacabra based solely on a weather damaged hunk of rotting flesh. There's a picture of it sitting on my desktop though.

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More on this.

What girls wear the skimpy clothes in RPGs??? Here goes... Besides the FFX-2 crew, there's Kos-Mos, in Xenosaga (I also count MOMO, though she's not really of legal age, or of mainstream humanity. Why did they always have to position the camers VERY carefully to give you up-skirt shots of her?), almost any female character besides Wavemasters in the .HACK games, The Chick in the first screenshot for Ambrosia Oddyssey (She's practically in only a bra and thong), any female character from almost any online RPG, the elf girl from the original Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance... I'd go on, but i don't have to. I think you've just been aclimatized to seeing the buxom ladies running around half naked, and not notice it anymore. Well, since it's Q&A and not T&A, I'll ask something. Uhh... Here goes: Why do you keep posting my babblings? This makes the last five I've sent being posted.

Actually, the female characters in Xenosaga wear plenty. You're just picking on camera angles there. Online RPGs you have to discount because there the characters would be wearing plenty if they wanted to. That just leaves .hack, which has to reflect the aforementioned MMORPGs. That just leaves Baldur's Gate, which isn't that recent. Meanwhile this year we've had Mario and Luigi, Breath of Fire 5, Unlimited Saga, Fire Emblem, FFTA, Golden Sun 2... Plenty of clothes to be had.

Besides which, the desensitization angle would require it not to be a recent problem. On that angle, you'd honestly have a better case to make, but it honestly applies to all media when you get right down to it.

As for letter posting, well, I don't pay attention to how many letters I post from any given person, so call it a statistical fluke.

Random conversing.


some of us didn't have much of an option when it came to the pc v. ps2 versions of ffxi. My computer could, in no way, come even close to playing ffxi. hell, I can't even run the benchmark. That, and the free hdd and game from beta testing was a big encouragement. Also, from what i've read, it sounds like most stores in larger areas have already sold out of their pre-orders, so the ps2 rush could be much bigger than you might have initially thought. all that to say, i waited for the ps2 version, but it hurt.


Fair enough. I was just curious on the overlap between people who can't handle the PC version, people who want the game, and people who hit this Q&A column regularly. For what it's worth, you're the only one who wrote in.

Some people get a tilde. Jax gets a tilde.

Howdy Google.

I'm probably behind a huge line of others who've said it already, but the main page quote is from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - one of the Toad guards says it when Mallow inquires why he didn't stop Croco the thief from getting away.

Anyway, this being a Q&A column, I suppose a question is in order... Is it wrong to consider Metroid a series of platformers with RPG elements? Perhaps it doesn't have the deepest story in the world, and no experience for destroying enemies, and your whole party is one character, but the main character does change permanently over the course of the game (adding weaponry and energy). As a matter of fact, it's a lot like the Zelda games in those respects.

Just thinking.
Jax Mandrake
"No two people are not on fire. Awwww."

You and one other person both get tildes. ~ ~ Anyway though, yes, I can see an argument for Metroid being considered an Action/RPG, but quite frankly, a case can be made for most action games. Look at the Megaman series. You travel around the world in a fashion of your chosing, gathering new bits of equipment to improve your character, heck, you even have to fight a bunch of elementally themed bosses. This is why most people just go by whether it has experience points.

The Last Laugh:

Mysterious guest host disappearence seems to persist. I'll have to do something about that next week.

Googleshng "Chupacabras suck."

What? They do.

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