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Googleshng - March 9 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For some odd reason, World of WarCraft seems to be the topic of the day.

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Hey Goog,


Anyway, I like Final Fantasy games as much as the next fanboy, but does it seem that for the past few years Square has had somewhat of a narrow focus? Three years passed between the Stateside releases of FFVI and FFVII, which made VII so devourable. I can remember spending hours reading redundant information and dreuling over the same screenshots over and over again in the months leading up to 9/7/97. These days Square is pumping out Final Fantasies so fast I can hardly savour one before the next is released.

I suppose it's good business to milk the hell out of your cash cow, but what I mainly miss is their other ventures. Square has done some great things with games not tied to Final Fantasy tradition. I'd really like to see them put some effort into a good Secret of Mana style game or a sequel to Vagrant Story (that would perhaps overhaul the torturous interface.)

I'm surprised it took them this long to discover the secret: to maximize profits, don't waste effort on a product you can't slap "Final Fantasy" in front of.

-Tommy Moo

The speed with which FF games come out does seem to be on the rise, but I haven't really seen a drop-off in Non-FF releases. Surprising really considering how many dev teams have gone solo over the years. Point does stand though that games like Unlimited Saga sell terribly, and anything with FF in the name is a guarenteed hit. Other people who use the strategy of sticking with a name to guarentee sales include Donald Trump and Apple.

WoW Part 1

Aw man. For a while there, you posted four of my emails in a row! I was hyped! And then your mail got messed up, and I forgot what I was going to ask you... Here's a question: What was it I was going to ask you? Oh, and do you dig World of Warcraft? I think it's got huge potential, and would LOVE to hang around in Lordaeron. And what's up with RPG women lately? They're all wearing not much more than a "Breast"plate, and maybe a washcloth. It's getting on my nerves.

World of WarCraft has a lot more potential than most licensed RPGs since the source isn't character driven. In the actual WarCraft games, you have big huge armies at war, rather than a small group of characters doing all the important stuff. Easier to maintain the feel that way than with, say, Final Fantasy.

As far as the clothing comment goes, uh, what games have YOU been playing? The only RPG I've played recently with skimpy costumes was FF10-2.

WoW Part 2


I have recently become addicted to the Warcraft series : )

1) I was just wondering what you think of The Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne... Any thoughts really, but specifically about the features or the balance or lack thereof between the races? I'm addicted to the Night Elves because of the Warden

Mainly when it comes to WC3, I just wish my computer could handle it. The expansion I haven't seen, and I gather it fixes a lot of problems. The general concession though is that it's a bit too simplistic compared to StarCraft, and experience with the maps is too big of a factor in multiplayer.

2) Also, since I seem to have no luck whatsoever in finding the first two games of the series, could you give me a summary of the plot there, if there was any as there is in WC3?

You know, I think Blizzard still sells the WarCraft Battlechest (1 2 and the expansion) off their site, so that shouldn't be that big of a problem. The general gist though is, evil mage opens up portal to another dimension. Orcs come through, slaughter a continent full of people, eventually get pushed back and more or less enslaved.

3) Do you have any expectations for World of Warcraft? I know that in general you don't approve of MMOs in general, but I was just wondering what you thought... I'm planning to get whenever it is released simply to actually be able to play with my friends after graduation... All of my friends are going out of state for college and I need to find a game so we can continue playing together x_x


Like I said in the last letter. It has a lot more going for it than the average online RPG, but I still have a fundemental distaste for the genre.

The Cow isn't anywhere...

Hi Google. I just wanted to ask you if you know (ANYONE ANYWHERE!!) who can get me one of those harvest moon cows!!! I tried to preorder it a month ago, but they were "sold out." Its so nefarious. And if my dear friend Alex doesnt come back to his Japandamonium column, he owes me a cow!! He got one at E3 last year and I was all annoying about wanting it. So anyway, I need a cooowwww! I will pay and stuff.

thank you!


ps: your name reminds me of Gogli bodies, which means I need to a vacation from my bio classe...

pps: I'll do your chores for a week! And I'll even throw in a *free* penny! wow, Its such a bargain, I know you can't resist!!

Those little promotional cows cause strange obsessions. I think at this point you're going to have to challenge someone to a duel to the death.

The Last Laugh:

Speaking of online RPGs, FF11's hitting consoles in not too long. Makes me wonder if anyone out there was actually holding out for it in that form.

Googleshng "Wow spelled backwards is wow."

and upside down it's mom.

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