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Googleshng - March 8 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, RPGamer's mail server finally seems to be operating properly... except for the spam filter. So, we now return to our regularly scheduled column.

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Simple Question, Simple Answer.

is gorasul multiplayer????

Not last I checked no.

Vague Question, Vague Answer.

The last boss is real strong and im wondering the easiest way to beat him its the one on Playstation 2 he has a lot of HP which aint good. Please help.....

Well, that narrows things down to just a few dozen games, might want to try giving a title next time. So anyway, just go up a few more levels, make sure you have the best equipment, and don't overlook stat boosting spells.

Multiple Questions, Multiple Answers.


Considering my last letter didn't got printed and it's probably not because it was badly formulated, I guess I went too far and I offer dued apologies.

Actually, odds are it just didn't get through.

So I guess here I go with some questions...

*1* I hear from place to places that most of the original ideas that made Final Fantasy what it is (at least in the old time) I.E. Chocobo, Airship, etc. Can be traced back to an Anime called Nausicaa. What I wonder is if that Anime is good to your opinion. Also, since FF is based of it somehow, does it have a FF feal (I am talking pre-FFVII... when FF was not just a title)?

Well, chocobos are pretty clearly lifted from Nausicaä, but that's as far as that goes. Laputa: Castle in the Sky is the movie that really inspired most 16 bit RPGs, and generally seems like a movie based off said games were you to watch it now. Nausicaä is more about life in a post apocalyptic wasteland and whatnot. Pretty much all Miyazaki movies are worth watching though.

*2* I have just downloaded the FFVII: Advent Children Preview and I must say that I am impressed. I'm too hot with the overly realistic look of the movie. After all, the original game was made to mimic Anime art into 3D, compared to latter Final Fantasy that went for a more realistic look. I guess what I want to know is, what is your take on realism in video games? It seems to be the norm lately. I might even go as far as to say that if you make a that is UN-realistic, your assured poor sales. Why is that? I mean, reality sucks! We live in it every day and when I get off work and sit down to play a good RPG... I don't want to play the role of an angst ridden teenage boy...

On a closing note, I find it hilarious that the only realistic thing of Wind Waker (the fact that it takes a couple of minutes to travel from an Island to another) is the thing that most people complain bout. TAKE THAT REALISM!

You take care slimy one!


I wouldn't say that realism is the issue so much as quality. If it were all about realism, the whole cel shaded movement never would have gotten started to begin with, much less become so wide spread. Most people I find don't care what sort of style you go with in your graphics, so long as you can work well in that style. Of course, if graphics were all people cared about, it'd be pretty hard to explain how the original Pokémon sold so much better than, say, Shenmue.

The Last Laugh:

I have a gap in the dates my spam was sent last week, so feel free to resend any questions that never got here last week for tomorrow's column.

Googleshng "Working mail!"

It's much better than the other kind.

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