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Googleshng - March 1 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

If I ever have a chance to talk to Richard Garfield, I am going to ask him how HE plays Robo Rally, because whenever anyone else does, it takes 20 hours. Still a fun game, but next year I don't think I'll be choosing it over sleep again.

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Existential Crisis

A fellow Xenocard player! That was a very cool game, definitely the best "RPG card minigame" that could be made. Only one thing about it bugs me. Supposedly, the characters from the game are the ones playing this card game, right? Wouldn't they be able to get information about their own futures from any rare cards that they pick up? Though it would be cool for my little brother to buy a YuGiOh booster pack and get me in card form. With my luck, I'd be the "Lonely RPG Loser" card, attack and defense only at 300. The Flavor Text would say something like "Effect: Summoned from the deepest depths of the basement, this monster is unable to function around girls." Sad.

Oh, in the way of text adventures, Getting the plague from Percy is almost as sucky as being eaten by a Dongrel. Still fun, though.

I don't imagine any of Xenosaga's mini-games actually exist within the game, with the obvious exception of the drill game. Otherwise yeah, one would think the prophetic nature would make them all snap.

Silliness from last week.

On your screen,

round at sea,

stained by faith,

shopped for free.

The answer was....window. = D

- Feep "Sphinx, not sphynx!"

I maintain that my answer was better, based on the first line. There's lots of windows on my screen, but there's people out there who use text-only operating systems.

People are still confused about this?

Dear Goog, I must know, are you a man, woman, or moogle. Matt Davidson


Or maybe you can. Since when are moogles genderless though?

The Last Laugh:

And now it's time for my annual con report. Expect it tomorrow.

Googleshng "Backstabbing with ballista funny."

Funny and true.

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