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Googleshng - February 26 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I need some sort of support group to help me walk away from interesting conversations. That one was a doozie.

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This is quite obtuse.

On your screen;

Round at sea;

Stained by faith;

Shopped for free.

And the Drakengard demo disc was disappointing. = P

- Feep "Solve my riddle!"


Wait, you aren't a sphynx. I'm too tired to really think about it so I'll just say software pirates. At the moment, for me, it's a correct answer.

Everyone's incoherent tonight it seems...

No matter what you say, goog, I will NEVER enjoy vogon poetry... 'Turgid bumblebees' and whatnot need not apply.

In other news, YAY! It's official! Shenmue III REALLY is coming out... At some point in the future... For one system or another... What exciting news. *YAWN*

I mean, I can't wait another second for the game; but all I have to fuel my feverish dreams of putting quarters in vending machines until I have the ULTIMATE collection of worthless little virtual plastic figurines is "Yeah, but I dunno; maybe later, or something. We could have it on PS2! or Xbox... or maybe Gamecube or some new system."


Wahahahahahaha... the phantom! 'nuff said.

Seriously though, with my luck I'll have to buy a phantom for it. MARK MY WORDS!

Chris, aka that guy in the red jumpsuit

By the way, I can't remember if it was you or Cast who was baffled by my young ones quote... It was a British comedy they showed on MTV in the 80s, and it's nothing like anything you could expect going into it, but hilarious nonetheless. By the way, it was a TOTAL lie about the oil.

I thought the phantom went and crawled into the corner to die, due to not enough investors being stupid enough to actually believe them. Anyway though, it'd be kinda nice to see the end of Shenmue, although it is indeed a shame that I will once again have to dump my money into capsule toy machines until I have little effigies of Myau and Opa-Opa.

Xenosaga Fun

I get your "Bust of Bubo" reference from the SB email, though I must than you for letting us all know exactly what Strong Sad was talking about. Now wait, you need a "patience ray" for me and that other guy who asked about Xenosaga 2? I only asked about Command Mission once! I remember the Xenosaga question dominating this column for a few months (Blatant exaggeration.) Oh, by the way, Xenosaga episode 1 was cool, but not enough to get hyped up for a sequel, let alone the six that they have planned for it. I mean, despite the sci-fi universe, it's pretty standard. And if I have to hear "Spell Ray!" or "Open Ether Circuits!" in that Shion's shrill voice one more time, I swear I'm going down to Namco headquarters and strangling them all with as many German subtitles as I can find.

See, this is why I tried to avoid using Shion for the most part. Incidently, people never seem to believe me when I say what I most look forward to in Xenosaga 2 is the potential of new expansion packs to that card game. I mean, seriously, I like that there card game!

Random Questions

Hey google, long time reader! love yer Q&A. Couple quick questions.

1. How ya doing? Tired? Hungry? I'm always hungry. I just ate 3 hot pockets, a Red Baron pizza and a small Home Run pizza. wheeeee I'm fat.

Pretty darn tired at the moment. It's 5 AM.

2. Who decided the RPGamer awards? I didn't think Disgaea deserved to win (even though I went out and bought it cuz it was number 1, yes I am a sheep). It's a great, fun game, but IMO, Xenosaga was so much better. I don't regret playing Disgaea at all, but still!

That would be the results of a big huge vote. You may recall seeing it happening for like a week there.

3. Is La Pucelle the same length as Disgaea? I'm really interested in this after playing Disgaea. whee I'm such a sheep.

That's a really hard question to answer, if only because Disgaea can be said to be anywhere between 30 and 300 hours long depending if you count optional stuff.

4. Doesn't school suck? God I hate it. I should be studying for an Evolution test but eff that I wanna play video games.

In what sense? Your particular school? Wouldn't know. The notion of sending people to a specific case to be taught things? I'm rather for it. The effectiveness of the U.S. educational system? Needs work.

5. Can you beat your mom up?

Well, I would imagine I could. She has no real combat training, generally isn't armed, and is not in particularly better physical condition than me. Don't see why I'd have cause though.

Random pluggery.

Hey Goog,

I absolutely LOVED the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game! It's probably one of my top ten favorite games of all time, in fact. I don't exactly know what my favorite part of the game is, because it's all good, but I really enjoy wandering around on the Heart of Gold. But that said, have you ever played any of the other text games by Infocom? They have some great stuff, like the Zork games, Enchanter, Bureaucracy (another game by Douglas Adams) and Planetfall. If you haven't played any of them, I fully implore you (and the readership) to check them out, they're really good.

Robust Stu

Gold Reviewer/Swell Guy

Text adventures good. Text adventures free these days too for what it's worth.

The Last Laugh:

Well, I'm off to NonCon. I almost definitely won't see any of you there... which is kind of strange now that I stop and think about it. There is, to my knowledge effectively no crossover between NonCon attendees and readers of this column, yet it is because of this column that I'm a guest speaker there. At least, I'm fairly sure it's because of this column. Nothing else I do is exactly high profile.

Googleshng "This Gummi Bear died for your sins."


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