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Googleshng - February 25 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Recently I got onto the notion of the Tea and No Tea puzzle from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure. It's odd to think really that everyone has the same number of things. It's just that some people have the actual things, while others have the lack of those things.

Yeah, I know. That didn't make any sense. Part of the puzzle in yon game actually involves removing your common sense from your brain.

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So like, a mission, on the front? Or like, as opposed to Back Mission?


I was just wondering if you had ever gotten a chance to play Front Mission 3, and what do you think of it. Also, what are your thoughts on FM4? I personally loved FM3, but it seems like nobody cares about FM4 except me.


I thought Front Mission 3 had a lot of spiffy and entertaining concepts... paired up with 60 totally homogenous missions that got really really boring after a while. If Front Mission 4 manages to spice things up enough though, I'll really be drooling over it.

A Megaman RPG? That would never w- Oh yeah.

Yes, the Battle Network game WILL tide me over! I completely forgot about the series after I beat 1 and 2. So, though, really, how DO you pronounce Googleshng? Is it "Schnug," or "Shung?" And what else was I going to ask... Ah, yes. Megaman X Command Mission: The first RPG starring an entirely mechanical cast. I see good things for this game. Your take? And do you know when Capcom plans to release this thing?

No release dates have been given for it. Between you and that person asking about Xenosaga 2, I think I may need to construct some sort of patience ray. Anyway though, I find the concept rather odd. We already have Megaman in RPG form, and lo, it is good. Bringing an older franchaise into the format seems a bit like overkill. Or maybe it's just that I've never liked the X games much. Capcom's been having a lot of luck with weird ideas though, so it might surprise me.

Fun with the classics.

Hey Goog,

I just bought Final Fantasy Anthologies and Final Fantasy Chronicles (on account of their prices being lowered to $19.99). I've played all the games included before, but I realized that I've never beaten the Final Fantasy games (4-6) without using a Game Genie. Needless to say, this is something I wish to remedy as soon as possible.

My question is this: what party setup do you prefer? Both FF5 and FF6 let you build a party of whatever FF staple classes you want. I'm just curious what your favorite choices are. Also, in FF6, did you pick your party based on the character, or the character's skills/stats?

In FF5, I put two characters through all the fighter classes, and two characters through all the mage ones, and then started in on mastering everything with everyone. I'm sick that way. FF6 I used everyone pretty evenly meanwhile, but I was never all that big on the two secret folk.


when does FFXVII come out? Yeah, well something tells me I have you stumped on this one.

2009 at the earliest, but I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet.

More Silliness

What's Bubo?

The mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans. He rules.

The Last Laugh:

Remember kids, if you stand around in graveyards dancing, you may be stabbed in the neck.

Googleshng "ENJOY POETRY"

Vogon Poetry that is. Not whatever this weird MP3 that appeared on my hard drive is.

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