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Googleshng - February 24 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

That's just a funny concept right there. Of course, so is any mention of Bubo in any context when you get right down to it.

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Getting the shakes.

Wow, good point on the RPG drought. I've got nothing to play lately. Well, that's not true. I just picked up Crystal Chronicles this weekend. It may not be a traditional RPG, but I count it. Anyway, I can't plat it, as I don't want to go throught the game in single player. I have three cousins (YAY!) living in my house (YAY!) all who own a GBA (YAY!) and who like games of this style, as I raised them on Secret of Mana. However... Tragedy strikes when you consider that: During the day, two of them are at school. At night one of them is at school. During the day I should be at work, and at night I talk with my girl. Note how I say "Should be at work," because frequently I'm not. I don't want to pass by major parts of the game without a party, but it looks necessary. That, and I tend to run into the miasma and die, leaving that freaking chalice on a hill or something. Tell me, Grooglrhshunnnugghhh, or however the HELL you pronounce that, is there a fun and quick single player RPG out there that I could pick up to occupy my time? I've beaten anything that came out before Arc the Lad 4, so if you could pick something from after that, that's be great. Oh, and what's your stance on Advent Children?

Well, the Mega Man Battle Network games would likely tide you over, and they're quite good if I say so myself. You might also dig Lost Kingdoms, Mario and Luigi, or Breath of Fire 5.

As for my stance on an unreleased movie, I don't have one.

Fun with history.

Hi there.

I was just getting my head around FF10-2 when Somthing came to mind....What if Final Fantasy was a no-sale??.

Square would shut down and Enix would be running the show and everyone would be playing Dragon Quest but since RPG's didn't become popular until FF came out in the states there would be no DQ for the US and no Star Ocean...well we didn't get that but hey it was good!.

And then there would be no FF7 (sheds Tear) and no FF10 and if there was no FF there would be no!.

Please think about it!.

Kyle allan.


Final Fantasy X-2 ROCKS!!

I think the effect really wouldn't be as major as you think. Enix already has always run the show in Japan, as evidenced by the fact that they had enough money to buy Square not too long ago. Meanwhile, FF1 wasn't really all that popular in the U.S., we were already getting the DQ series before it was released, and we'd actually probably have gotten more stuff from Enix back in the 16-bit days if we weren't snubbing all non-FF RPGs. The only really major changes to the world before 1997 would be that all the people Square's been hiring over the years would have had to work for other people, so stuff like the SaGa series and Parasite Eve would most likely end up coming to us from someone like Atlus.

Of course, FF7 did open the RPG market up quite a bit, so barring some other game with the same sort of impact on the market, we'd miss out on a lot of recent and really quirky stuff, and a lot of things likely wouldn't come out in this country.

Pretty sure this site would still exist too really.

Must get more cards...

When is episode two of Xenosaga coming? Someone told me in 2008, but I find that really hard to belive since we have so many screenshots and movies avalible...

Well, no dates have been announced for it, so whoever gave you that made it up, and did a pretty bad job of it too. If I had to make a stab in the dark, I'd have it out in Japan either late this year or next year, then out in the U.S. a few months after that. Last I checked they wanted to release these suckers serial style though, so they'd better pick up the pace a little.

The Last Laugh:

Column column column it's the finest in the land, you can put it in your pocket you can hold it in your hand. AMEN!

In news not relating to me randomly channeling Monty Python, I saw the most horrifying thing in my life yesterday, as described below.

Googleshng "Boooooooooooh-baaaaaaaaaaaaaah..."

Sure, Sesame Street's psychidelic, but at least it teaches you Spanish and such.

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