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Googleshng - February 23 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Sucks to be Andrew lately it seems. Hopefully he'll be up and about again next weekend. In any case, let's get on with the show.

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Multiparters: A great way to start your day.

Hello Slimmy one

Let's start with the question for a change (Lot's of people seem to want to start off with some personal comment)

*1* Why are you associated with Dragon Quest's Slime? Other than youre drawing, I see no connection...

That's a good question. Aside from how I used to send these into this column way the heck back when, I can think of new reason for such an association.

Unless it's my non-threatening nature or how I'm not worth killing for my money or something.

*2* Did you know what "La Pucelle" means? It's french slang for virgin... Now why whould someone name a game "The Virgin"? Is it a game about the discovery of the main protagonist's sexual ability? I THINK NOT!

Maybe instead of having to kill god at the end, you have to kill the Virgin Mary?

*3* Knowing that you are quite the Wind Waker's fan... what are you expecting from the sequel? I personally have this fantasy from the long forgotten time of Link's Awakening... I want to be able to return to Koholint Island... but alas, it was only a dream ;_;

I'm hoping it will be a good ways off, and totally mind blowing. Nintendo used to let all sequels stew for a few years, but lately they seem to be firing off short bursts. "Oh wow, we haven't released a Zelda game in forever! Here, have five!" I prefer my games slow and steady.

*4* Is the whole Skies of Arcadia story and setting an ancient story (kinda like Dragon Ball is loosely based of an ancient Chinese mythology) I mean, whats with this Final Fantasy XII sounding a LOT like Skies of Arcadia?

Nope. It didn't invent the notion of a bunch of continents floating around in the sky obviously, but the setting and plot are as original as any idea really can be. I evidently haven't been paying enough attention to FF12 news though, since last I heard the only game it sounded like was FFTA.

Well, back to wasting my life trying to make cash in Final Fantasy XI. Damn I hate this game that I can't stop playing... Lucky me, when I get fed-uped of dying and de-leveling, I can just go play the far superior Final Fantasy IV ^-^

Wishing you a great... hmmmm, morning...


I'll never really see the appeal to MMORPGs I don't think.

Who's that girl? And that other girl?

A silly question for you.

On this page...

Who are the two charactesr shown (80s and 90s) and from what movies/series?



That's Noriko from Gunbuster and Nene from BGC 2040. Like it says on the bottom, I'd have used the original BGC's Nene for that comparison if I could find a good enough picture.

Feed me Seymour!


Anyway, what's up with the relatively small amount of letters getting thrown towards the Q&A people? It's really pretty annoying going to the column and seeing two maybe three letters. Send in some stuff people!
S.H. Silver

I'd blame it on spontanious host disappearence. That tends to throw a wrench into the works more often than not. Doesn't help how we're heading into a major RPG drought either.

The Last Laugh:

Convention type preparing ho!

Googleshng "Huh-oh-meh-eh-er"

Huh-oh-meh-eh-er is very angry.

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