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Googleshng - February 19 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

No wait. Vitamin D is the one you get from standing under that weird giant glowing thing that appears when you stay up too late isn't it. Don't have any of THAT.

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I wrote into this site once before about some minor gameplay detail...not that that matters to anyone. I'm writing today though because I was really shocked to see so few others doing it lately. I have a feeling that they aren't all playing FF:CC because - at least in my case - I can only handle the constant repeating of slash and cast so long before falling asleep...literally. So, if I was going to ask a question I think it would be the same one most are asking right now...what are the opinions of the RPGamer staff on this one so far?


Well, not a whole lot of people on staff have played it actually, but from those who have, the general concensus is that it's pretty fun multiplayer, but sucks single.

My name is... Kevin Dubreau

::Rises from... wherever...::

Ah, Googy, I heard what you said about Crystal Chronicles. While I agree that purchasing extra GBA-to-GBC cords as well as the game was both expensive and annoying, it was well worth it in the end. I assembled a group of friends for a four-player frenzy.

It kicked hard ass.

The gameplay was very fast-paced, and easy to get into. As slow as my allies normally are, they were able to pick up the mechanics in less than a half hour. We were able to plan out strategy like no other multiplayer before. For example, against a Marlboro boss, we had our resident Lilty slash the heck out of it, two characters timing Fire spells to make Firaga (not "ara", "AGA", if you pull the timing right), and the Yuke (me) casting Cure and Clear to remedy tentacle damage.

Teamwork is a wonderful thing. And while I agree that the GBA requirement can seem hefty for some, I say this: if you're a gamer and you don't know three friends with GBAs of their own, you need to get out and make more friends, not just the invisible kind. You shouldn't need to purchase additional ones.

The overall price was thus: about 50 for the game, and 10 bucks each for connectors (I needed only three, I had gotten one beforehand for Wind Waker), so it cost 80 bucks. Hell of a lot cheaper than FFXI, and you don't need to worry about online connections or people chanting "gil plz!".

Long story short, the game is slightly pricier in cost for hardware, but it can be worth a lot more in the friendships you solidify playing it.

"Here comes the Thnickermaaaaan!"

I have plenty of friends with GBAs. Just not friends who live around here with GBAs and have an interest in Action/RPGs. That's a fairly rare combination really.

So anyway, once again. FF:CC is said to be really good if you have a lot of people to play it with.

It's that time again!

The quote's from Terranigma, when Ark is being told the policies of the brothel he just wandered into to. That woman's "B A B Y" remark drove me crazy because I thought it was a series of controller inputs for something, ala Chrono Trigger's "correcting the past" scene!

Here's your tilde: ~

That crazy Konami

What do you think it woul take to convince Konami to release I PAL version of Suikoden 3?

Should I consider terroist action?

- Xanalith

Konami's decisions traditionally seem to defy all logic. They followed up Symphony of the Night with Castlevania 64. They put the dog ending in Silent Hill 2. They released an upgraded version of Metal Gear Solid 2 with a skateboarding mini-game. So uh... I don't know how to go about convincing them of something. Except of course via dollar votes, but I doubt there's enough unsold copies of Suikoden 2 lying around for that to work.

A better answer than that last one.

Hey Goog,

This is in response to the person who asked yesterday what happened to Japandemonium. Unfortunately, real life got in the way. I recently moved to the UK, and getting my life in order has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. What can I say, these things happen.

But, from what I hear, the column should be under new command any time now, so keep an eye out for it. I know I will.



P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported Japandemonium. I had a blast, and I hope you did too.

OK then. Enjoy turning Brits into Deep Ones I suppose.

The Last Laugh:

T-Minus 1 week. Better get cracking on my cheesy wares.

Googleshng "If Strong Bad told you to jump-"


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