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Googleshng - February 18 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of today's column is one of those "you had to be there" deals. Sorry about that. Short form, someone was making a totally non-sensical comparison along those lines.

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Yo Google!
I was wondering... What do you do to get over that hurdle and start playing games in your stack of games left to beat? My pile keeps growing, and no games get played, short of starcraft. I know most are good, just need some inspiration. Anywho, Hope you get more letters!

I don't have such a stack. I get a game, I plow through that game, a few months go by, I get another. Suppose the lack of a day job helps, what with the lack of income and abundance of playing time available. A more practical option might be to sell games you don't like and never play.

Multipart Fun

Hey googie goog, I have 3 very questiony questions that seek your light........

1) What do you think of the upcoming growlanser generations coming from working designs? I recall seeing the name growlanser a lot but never checked out info until recently. I like the anime cutesy look a lot. A possibly good future buy perhaps?

Working Designs has a darn good track record for finding spiffy games to bring over, so I'm optimistic.

2) Is it just me or does the cube look like it still lacks good RPG's? Nintendo isnt what it used to be back in the SNES years. Money and greed seperated the good management i guess. I feel the same way on Squaresoft. Maybe its just me.

Uh... Nintendo has been publishing more RPGs in the last few years than ever before, and making plenty of money off them, so I have no clue where you're pulling THAT logic from. The overwhelming majority of RPGs on Nintendo hardware are coming out for the GBA though, as the GC is generally treated as more of an action gaming platform. Between FFCC and Baiten Kaitos though, I could see that changing in the not too distant future.

3) Okay, is it hard for an RPG lover to actually play another genre of games? I know your a die hard RPGer so im curious as to whether or not you play anything else. I tend to play madden every now and then and its kind of time consuming in season mode seperating me from FFX-2. Im going nuts now thinking I cant play anything but RPG's unless I quit my job. Am I normal, pal? Yeah I did crack......

I play pretty much everything really. Adventure, Action, RTS, old Twitch games... I don't know anyone who doesn't really, although I'm sure there's some people out there who never play any games outside of a specific series, or even outside of a single series. Their loss I say.



I'm surprised nobody mentioned this, but yes, at least one memberof the RPGamer staff has some musical talent. I play... THE TRIANGLE! MWA HA HA!

Uh, right. We're diligently working on getting more fics up. Promise.

John Z., Fanfic reviewer
(Ding! Ding! Dingle! Ding!... uh, I mean, read read read...)

Aye! Read ye mangey dog! Read about the continuing adventures of Squall and Rinoa, as they move to suburbia and take lessons in microwave cookery!

Or something.

Lots of Disgaea questions.

The dreaded multiparter approaches. Command?

1. Now that I'm going through Disgaea for a second time, I've set the voice options to Japanese. Thursday's voice is very strange. The English voice was a suitably genderless robotic thing. Why does the Japanese voice sound like a little girl?

Most Japanese robots tend to sound like little girls now that I stop and think about it. Tachikomas, Mega Man, all those various little girl androids...

2. Who's your favorite character?

Etna. Definitely Etna. The episode previews are hilarious.

3. Favorite class? (Super-powerful ones like Majin don't count)

Hard to say. Mages, samurai, and ninja are all good. Oh yeah, and Lords.

4. Which do you prefer, the earlier chapters that focused on Laharl, Flonne, and Etna, or the later ones with Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday?

Hard to say. The one where you issue the pblic challenge is my favorite overall, but first half vs. second is a tricky call.

5. How did the game do, sales-wise? I've heard lots of the hardcore loved it, but I don't know how much that helped, what with the sheer number of casual gamers around.

"...Wicked little angel."

Pretty darn good I think. At least by Atlus' standards.

The Last Laugh:

Welp. Back I go to uh... whatever it is I do between Q&A columns.

Googleshng "Rock will always be superior to Rap, or 'Hip-Hop,' because no one will ever say 'Man, this hip-hops!'"

Good one that says I.

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