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Googleshng - February 17 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today, Resident Evil Outbreak officially went from "Wow! What a terrible idea!" to "Hey, that looks pretty neat!" Never thought that would happen. That's what happens when you totally change your concept though.

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PC games for Console folk.


Ive recently bought a flashy new pc and Im lokoing for a good RPG. Im a big fan of final fantasy (though I have not played the famous VII) and I loved Chrono trigger on the snes (so I was very excited about the reviews of chrono cross), but when I come to look for a game it seems most have been released only for the consoles.

With this in mind what would you recommend? Should I try and find a newish game or maybe go for FF7? I have seen the newest ff for online gaming but my internet connection isnt fast enough for that.


Well, it should be noted that PC RPGs are a very different sort of game than console ones. That said, pretty much everyone loves the Fallout Games, the Baldur's Gates, and everything else by those people.

This is a good question.

What ever happened to Japandemonium? It hasn't been updated in months and I was wondering what's the story with it.


Well, the person in charge of it dropped off the face of the earth. Yon section should reappear as soon as he does though.

Multipart Weirdness

Good (whenever you read this) Google,

I hear you're cold. That sucks, I know what it's like. So, I'm writing to you because I'm a little peeved at some of the things that have been going on lately.

First, you say it's annoying that every player has to have a Game Boy Advance and link cable to play Crystal Chronicles multi-player, but anyone who has played it knows that it is absolutely perfect. Instead of wasting screen space, and time, the monitor of your GBA handles everything that a menu does and it doesn't interfere with anyone elses time. The only draw back to Crystal Chronicles is that if your players can't work together your team as a whole is screwed.

Well, the annoyance comes from having a game that requires something like $300 worth of peripherals. Not that GBAs don't work as controllers.

Second, if Zelda isn't an RPG, then how can it win RPG awards? Also, you should have categories for best remake and port, then not include them in game of the year, or any other award except best remake or best port. It's not fair to see new fresh games get beat out because people are having fits of nostalgia. Of course, if you went by this logic, you wouldn't have a Game Cube category at all, seeing as how every game on there is Zelda, or a port of an older game, or both at once. I guess I should be a little more specific though, and say ports that were realeased in seperate years from the original release.

I'll admit the categories for the year end awards could use some work. I had a few ideas I was planning to bounce off people for next year already. I'll try to remember these points.

Third, what came first, the music or the misery?

One would assume the latter.

Fourth, what's your take on the following topic? People don't want to watch a movie when playing video games(i.e. Xenosaga) so they complain about RPGs being nothing more than interactive movies, but the first thing most people say as to the reason they like to play RPGs(non-MMORPGs) is because of the story. So, if you have a huge story you want to relate to your audience, would you rather have the audience click the command button for 2 hours while they read the text, or you would rather let story sequences pan out without you having to continuously mash the command button? My thoughts, I'd rather sit back and let the story be told. My biggest problem with Final Fantasy 7 and 8 were the extremely long dialogues(i.e. Nibelheim, Orphanage). Why not embrace the ability to have the story be told to you with audible dialogue instead or optical dialogue?

Ricky Takare

Well, I'd be inclined to believe those two complaints aren't made by the same people. If you play RPGs "for the story" you like cutscenes. If you play them "for the gameplay" you'd rather spend most of your time exploring and fighting and such. Whether the cut scenes are FMV or a few pages of text shouldn't really enter into it.

Odd publisher that.

Hey Goog,

We, the European gamers are finally getting Disgaea in May, KOEI is publishing, all praise KOEI !!!

Yeah so it isn't a question.... I don't care right now :P


I can't think of anything Koei has ever done that I didn't like. Of course, I can only think of two other things they've done.

The Last Laugh:

Here's that rant I mentioned earlier. Enjoy. Or not. Your call.

Googleshng "Peas!"

With a knife!

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