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Googleshng - February 16 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Time for the guest host column! *guest host disappears* Time for working on weekend stuff! *Googleshng starts getting cold* Time to update my web page! *server goes dead* Time to Do the Monday column! *internet connection dies*

In rhetrospect, I probably shouldn't have killed that old gyspy in that voodoo temple I built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

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Yes, it's an actual letter.

Please don't send your questions in psychic format. My mail client can only handle text.

Importing fun.

hey google

is there any way to get a european (german) ps 2 game to work in a us system? if yes can you tell me how? got a load of games and can't play them   thanks   daniela

There's a few ways, most of which fall into a legal grey area, and tend to involve either using a special disc, or cracking the system open and soldering in a special chip. I can't really make any specific recommendations either way, but I have to wonder what German only PS2 game there is.


I was curious what your opinion of game music was.  Do you enjoy listening to it in your free time?  Do you even notice it?  Favorite composer? Favorite game soundtrack?  Theme song?

I've collected various game music for almost 10 years now and those are the only types of questions I can ever seem to come up with for this collumn.  But I haven't asked you yet so I figure, why not?


It can be argued that I never actually have any free time, but yeah, video game type music is all well and good by me. Anyway though, the answers to your three other questions are respectively Mitsuda, Koudelka, and Sakura Wars, but I reserve the right to change that list next time someone asks.

We a band now?

Something I've always wanted to know about is the RPGamer staff's musical abilities. Who plays what?

Back in like, 2001 I could have answered this, but is hasn't come up with most people currently on staff, and it's a slow day in staff land. I can play the saxophone and irish whistle though, both with limitted skill.

The Last Laugh:

Now the e-mail. Dang curses. I'll do something about that before tomorrow's column. Possibly involving chicken heads.

Googleshng "Or was that chicken feet?"

All I know is you should never throw a chicken in the sacrificial pit.

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