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Googleshng - February 11 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm sitting here, looking at a glass of Mountain Dew. It really is creepy how much this stuff resembles anti-freeze.

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Fun with a friend.

Hi Googie. Goog. Googleshong. Goo.

Hi Goo,

I've got a question that will end in a simple answer, but I still want to know it. Why the hell did Square not put in multiplayer on Final Fantasy X? They had it in FFIX, and frankly, it kicked donkey's ass. Me and my friends played to see who got the most kills on and it was great fun. So why didn't they bother to put it in FFX? It was a great thing. I'm thinking it's because there was three people in battle in FFX, but four in FFIX. But they can still have multiplayer out of that. WHY!?


The best answer I can give quite frankly is "Because they didn't feel like it." People have made stranger calls when it comes to sequels. Heck, Square has made stranger calls with sequels. Just look at Parasite Eve 2.

The new kid in town.

Angel's Present: Marl Kingdom Story



Going through some of the archives of the older games for pictures and such, I came across an article from 2000 from the OTHER section in games. These two games, well heh, duh have to be connected. I'm just wondering in what way though, if you know. And saddly, I hate to ask this two, the information on the American Release date for Angel isn't there. I am dearly hoping that it was because maybe there was no mention of it, and perhaps it just slipped into the us. As I am also hoping that for Shadow Hearts 2 as well ::crosses fingers::

Any information you can give me on the title of Angel's Present would be greatly appreciated, and I do understand if you cannot, due to the...120 = emails and such you recieve. Thanks though.

There's a whole bunch of games by Nippon Ichi which never made it to North America and that's one of'em. Aside from Rhapsody and Disgaea, the only game by them I'm aware of coming over here is La Pucelle. That one should be out some time this year.

New this would come in...

I was reading your column yesterday where you shot down the question about Dynasty Warriors not being an RPG because it doesn't really fir into the genre at all, and I totally agree with you. Dynasty Warriors is a great game with which requires lots of intelligent strategy to complete but also a lot of mindly slashing away at foes. But in the newer versions of DW you can equip new weapons, increase skills and gain items throughout your quest- sounds a bit like an RPG to me...actually it sounds a lot like one of the most famous of all- Zelda. By your logic the Zelda Series should not be allowed on the RPGamer website (along with a few other slasher-masher games). I know this is a hard one to swallow for all the die hard fans of the series, but if RPGamer is a true RPG website then it needs to drop coverage of Zelda games which have always been more fantasy action games. But if we look on the other side of the coin- if we include a sub-genre into the RPG world- the action RPG we could then include DW games and Zelda games. I mean you guys include the sub-genre of RPG-Tactics games and Monster Rancher Games (the Training/Fighting RPG sub-genre). Really when reasoining it out it seems unfair to exclude some games and allow others in. Many RPG fans love DW games so why not cater to them and give that kind of coverage on your site?

First off, it should be noted that aside from Zelda 2, none of them are actually Action/RPGs. There's action, which would cover Action. There's puzzles, which would cover Adventure, but there's no actual RPG elements in there. The only reason we cover the series is that, well, when people think of RPGs, they also think of the Zelda series, and thus people would gripe to no end if we didn't cover it.

In any case, Action/RPGs are something of a grey area these days, because quite frankly, the line between Action and Action/RPG has more or less ceased to be at this point in time.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Mr. Rebbie will be guest hosting again. If you have a game you'd like to fling at him in exchange for a shot at guest hosting and getting a game out of it, now's a good time to mention it (even if you already did, I think I may have neglected to forward one or two). Otherwise, just toss along a question, ideally about SNES RPGs.

Googleshng "Hatching stars..."

Weird concept this.

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