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Googleshng - February 10 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

An RPG campaign I was playing on weekends just croaked. Another started. Nice how things work out that way some times.

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Google -

Hello! This marks my first question I've sent into your realm. Exciting, huh? Just out of curiosity - what do you believe is the future of video games? I'm sure you've gotten this question before, but hey, opinions in many people shift often, so your views might have changed since you answered this question before. I do find it interesting how some aspects of society have turned out. The visual arts have become, for the most part, works that merely aim to provoke reactions. Did the romantic artists foresee pieces like "Bird in Space" or "Lavender Mist"? I doubt it, and perhaps my question addresses a topic you and I cannot truly answer for. I'd still appreciate it if you gave a stab at it, though. Will video games work to mass-market themselves even further instead of actually shooting for quality? What startles me to no end is that companies actually profit from releasing bad games. The costs of production are so low, and so many customers don't read reviews and purchase the game blindly, which basically allows that company to make a profit. It actually seems like companies are encouraged to make low-quality games, which makes me wonder if such unfortunate encouragement will continue on. Anywho, thanks for your time. Have a great day and be safe.

-- Matthew

Well, first off, I feel I should point out that it doesn't actually work that way. Here's how things really break down:
You've got a few big companies which each have a few major franchaise series that they'll be milking until the end of time. Here we have mass market appeal, low effort, AND quality products. Good deal, at least until these series are milked completely dry.

You've got tiny companies which release weird little niche games. No mass market appeal here, lots of effort involved, and quality is a matter of opinion really. These people are going to keep being quirky though, until such time as a game they release takes off, catapulting them into that first group.

Then we've got sucky licensed games. These are published both by companies who have good franchaises to milk, and by people who never really publish anything else. They always suck and they don't tend to make much money either. They do however always make some money, and they fill a very important role in this system. Fledgeling developers who can't get their foot in the door are typically asked by publishers to handle a sucky licensed game they just got the rights for, as a way of gauging how well they can do without taking a financial risk on whatever it is they really want to do.

I don't see any of this ever changing.

I want the Mr. Saturn font.

"Um...uh...if there are no Mrs. Saturns, how do you suppose the Mr. Saturns reproduce? Do they reproduce?" - Jackson Ferrell

I just always assumed they were immortal, like Highlanders, or the Nibblonians from Futurama. And that they had existed since the beginning of time, and will forevermore, long after we're all gone.

Also a good theory, except for how you said Highlanders there. I mean, the title of the movie comes from the fact that the main character happens to come from the Scottish Highlands. The immortals are just called immortals. Plus they're all significantly younger than the universe. Plus the bulk tend to, you know, die.

Driving the point home.

Having just played the game for several hours last night I have to say that you do indeed need GBAs for each player to play any sort of multi-player. This is actually absolutely necessary as players frequently find themselves going into menus to organize items, read updates and buy things. With the GBA the downtime is reduced as everyone gets their own screen to do stuff all at once. And honestly, who doesn't have a GBA these days? If you don't have one you owe it to yourself to get one if only for Mario & Luigi.

I actually know a few people who lack GBAs. I know plenty who lack the little gimmicky wire to hook'em to their Cubes.

People keep bringing this up these days.

Hi. :) I'm just curious: why aren't the Dynasty Warriors games listed on your site? I'm not attacking the decision or anything (the series is certaintly not the most RPGish around, if it's even an RPG at all), but I'd be interested to know what the criteria is for something being or not being an RPG when the case is somewhat foggy, such as might be said of these games (well, 2, 3, 3xl, 4, and 4xl.. 1 was really rather horrid, and wasn't the least bit an RPG... or anything else worth seeing.)

Thanks for your time, and have a good day. :)

- Herbie

OK, you know those games where you have a party of a few characters, and you wander around from town to town with NPCs sending you on pointless fetch quests, and then you get in a fight and it switches to a screen with a lot of little numbers, and you have a little window with a list of commands, and then you get experience points which make your characters better, and money so you can buy them better weapons and such? Those are RPGs.

I'll never understand how people can be confused by something so clear-cut.

Anyway though, I think that clearly covers why we have no Dynasty Warriors coverage, unless I've been grossly misinformed about the series.

The Last Laugh:

There'll most likely be some fallout to that last question tomorrow, let's see if I can nip it in the bud by pointing out RPGamer actually covers three different genres of games. Debatably five really.

Googleshng "... giant flaming bugs."

Shadowrun is fun. Not that that relates to anything.

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