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Googleshng - February 9 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The strangest things go on in here when my back is turned. Andrew disapears, my favored font decides periods look different, and uh... third thing. Anyway, on with the column.

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Now here's a game nobody's asked about in a while.

I finally caved in to the good word you gave Koudelka way back in the day, and bought it for fourteen bucks. How long is it? What characters should focus on what?

If your guest wants it, I'll offer my copy of Final Fantasy Origins for the guest spot.


Well, as you asked this just after the window closed on Thursday's column, there's a decent chance you've already finished the game. Koudelka is the shortest RPG I've ever played, something like 10 hours long if you rush on through. As far as who should concentrate on what though, there's honestly a lot to be said for balancing your stats out a good deal. When I played it, I wound up completely dedicating Koudelka to magic, keeping her save from physical attacks by sticking her in the corner, giving James some practice in swords and such, and mainly sticking to guns with Edward.


That there are no Mrs. Saturns can be demonstrated with a simple syllogism, taking as a premise the statement that one of the Mr. Saturns makes: "We are all Mr. Saturn boing." By "we," I understand him to mean those beings like him, examples of which may be found in the Saturn Valley. The syllogism is as follows.
-No males are females
-They are all Mr. Saturn boing
-Therefore, none of them are Mrs. Saturns.
Thus, it is demonstrated logically that there are no Mrs. Saturns.
Oh crud...I need a question. Um...uh...if there are no Mrs. Saturns, how do you suppose the Mr. Saturns reproduce? Do they reproduce? ...And is this really something we want to be thinking about?

-Jackson Ferrell

One would assume they'd reproduce in some assexual fashion, but I'd just as soon not dwell on the matter.

Controllers are nice.

If no one else has offered, I'd be more than happy to throw Rebbie a copy of Dark Cloud 2.

As for a question,


I know it is recommended that players 2-4 use GBAs for Crystal Chronicals, but does player one really need to use one as well? I realize that the GBA isn't absolutely necessary even for multiplayer, but sources are not exactly clear. I'd prefer to use a controller and give my GBA to a friend to add one more player to the game. Any light you may be able to shed on this is appreciated.


According to everyone I've ever heard from on the subject, it is in fact manditory that every player use a GBA for multiplayer FF:CC. Annoying, isn't it?


Hey Goog--

A 'Remember when?' moment for you: back in the day, you (or Brad, I can't recall exactly) used to print quickies for people who sent in letters declaring their birthdays.

Well...*smiles coyly*


I don't believe I ever stopped doing that. So anyway, happy birthday and whatnot.

If that last bit were true, the amount of time I've worked here for would violate various laws.


Don't you just love Sabin? He's so full of genius ideas and pet-names for you. Heh....hey, may want to put those throwing knives away, ya know? You might put somebody's eyes out. With the recent disappearances of the Q&A staff, people have stopped me and asked, "Shroudie? Did you have something to do with this?" But, I turn to them and say, rather smitevely, "but of course not, they're not hidden in my closet or ANYthing!!". With a quick movement only witnessed as a flash of light, the accuser fails to speak evar again. Randomopium... That's it for now.

"Google is a 16 year old supermodel from Switzerland!",

O' Shrouded One

Hey, weren't you in my IRC channel the other day when I was off eating? Anyway though, it isn't nice to bump off random Andrews. Quit that.

The Last Laugh:

Tune in tomorrow for a lack of mysteriously disappearing hosts!

Googleshng "Life!"


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