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Googleshng - February 5 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Incubus is on. A film which teaches us a valuable lesson. Esperanto SUCKS. That said, on with the column.

Mr. Rebbie: Yello' everyone! Mr.Rebbie here (RiotRiot on the boards). I've been into RPGs since I was, hell, young. I'm only 17 now, but as I remember playing FFIV... mighta been my first RPG. I've been hooked since. I'm not really up to date on the newer RPGs (I'm playing through Disgaea and FFX-2 right now), and, to be honest, I don't really remember much "tips and tricks" about the older ones. I'll do my best to search for any answers to any questions, but I'm kind of low on time, and sick, to really look much. Also, listen to good music kids. And don't eat paint chips. Unless they're chocolate.

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Hey Google, and guest-host-guy/girl-person,

A while ago Andrew posted a small clip of a kid playing a part of the Final Fantasy VI Battle Theme on his electric guitar, now a friend of mine is playing FFVI, the playstation version, and I showed it to him and he wanted to learn it as well.... Do you know if these tabs can be found somewhere on the internet, or, is the kid so bad-ass that he learned it himself, or, should I ask this question to Andrew since he posted it in his Q&A?

By the way, the friend playing FFVI, he isnt playing anymore, I tried to beat him up but is just isnt motivated anymore, any tips??


Mr. Rebbie:
You obviously didn't beat him up severely enough. The load times in FFVI on the PSX version are freakin' killers. I suggest trying to get him to play it on the SNES if you can. Otherwise, just punch him till he gives in.

Guitar tabs for a good deal of videogame music can be found floating about the internet. There's a good chance of the person in question throwing you in the right direction tomorrow though.

I suppose that could be called a compliment...

::Emerges angrily from the mists::

Hoy, there, you sexy slime! And a cheerful hello to the new guy!

OK, let's start with the upcoming Crystal Chronicles. As you said, the multiplayer requires a LOT of hardware, and many gamers will be turned off in lieu of other gaming goodness. I, on the other hand, have completely lost my mind.

No, really, I plan on purchasing the prerequisite number of GBA/GBC cables at the same time as the game, and inviting some GBA-toting folk to a four-player frenzy. Will it be a success? Who knows? All I know is, the concept of a four player final fantasy that doesn't involve 10 bucks a month and a good internet connection sounds good to me!

In the meantime, I've been playing the remade Final Fantasy the First, only to get VERY VERY frustrated with the Ice Cavern. The reason: Mind Flayers (or Sorcerors in the original game). Aren't these the cheesiest random encounters EVER!? No weaknesses, relatively decent HP, and instant kill attacks that you CANNOT defend against, as well as a paralysis attack that hits everyone. Just two of them can decimate a level 50 party if they get first strike. Even if you only lose one person, the lack of a phoenix down-type item means that a White Mage with a spare level 5 spell is your only hope. And if they kill your White Mage? Like they did to me TWICE?! Grrr...!

Anyhow, I challenge you to find a random encounter (not boss fight) that is more annoying, in ANY RPG. Sure, other monsters have instant kill, but they usually have revival items at their disposal, etc. Good luck finding one. Oh, and I'll keep you posted on the FF:CC

Q & A hosts always have the nicest boobies.

Mr. Rebbie:
I always found those stone wall things with arms in FFX to be really annoying... but that's probably more because of the way they look, and my natural distaste towards anything that can stone my characters. Good luck with your FF:CC adventures.

And don't EVER talk about my boobies again. Jerkface.

Last time I played FF1 it was with a red mage and 3 blackbelts. Who needs white mages? Anyway though, pretty much all magic using monsters in FF1 are annoying, what with the lack of a magic defense stat. You can be fighting 4 monsters which can be killed in one hit from anything, but if they go first and have a decent spell, they can wipe you out before you can blink.

Other than those though, the most annoying RPG moments I can think of come from swarms of things that prevent you from acting. Like those wolf cubs in Arcanum, or things with attacks that put you to sleep.

I always figured they were androgynous.

Great Mr. Rebbie you are just the person I want to write to. Google says you are a big fan of Earthbound. When I heard that Mother 1 and 2 were coming out in Japan I went and bought a GBA sp. Is the big N going to bring the Mother series back to the USA? Nintendo better not let me down again. This could be the last straw. One more thing, are there any Mrs. Saturns? It's my birthday today, (honest) so you would make my day to post this.

Mr. Rebbie:
Happy Birthday! Hahah, man, it doens't have to be your birthday to get posted! Last I checked, there was no news of bringing the Mother GBA game combo dealy out of Japan. If they do bring it here, I'll probably even get a GBA. And I hope there are Mrs. Saturns.. I don't remember any from the game, but I haven't played in years, and no Mrs. Saturns is no fun. But they can always play pin the tail on the donkey for fun!

A North American release of yon anthology hasn't been announced t my knowledge, but keep your hopes up. Nintendo hasn't been holding anything else back these days.


Hey Goog,

One of yesterday's writers implied that the only reason Unlimited SaGa was rated poorly was because most people shy away from the series. Now while he may be correct on the majority of the public, there are those of us out there that are into the SaGa me. I've played all three FF Legends, Romancing 3, and both Frontiers. Anyway when I went to play Unlimited I found it highly dissappointing. It wasn't bad per say, but it wasn't what everyone had made it out to be and THAT is why it deserves to be Biggest Let Down.

Also, since you asked for it, I may be mistaken, but I heard Secret of Evermore was loosely based of some Sci-Fi novel. Know if this is true? And if so what novel?

-- Kalledon --

Mr. Rebbie:
I apologize because I do not know anything on either of these matters and do not have time to look them up! My bad man! Uhh... Corn Pops rule.

Again, people were hyping US? Anyway though, no, Evermore wasn't based on a book. That was Parasite Eve.




AGH! I can't resist anymore! What's your take on the overshadowed, underplayed Secret of Evermore? Does it deserve a rental? As if any place on the planet still stocks it?

- Feep "My brain hurts"

Mr. Rebbie:
I'm guessing you could probably find it on EBay, or in some used game stores... I think it deserves a rental. It was original for its time, and I had a fun time with it... but I was really young and stupid then. I haven't played it recently. Ahh, memores. Ahh, dogs.

Secret of Evermore is one of those things that should be good but isn't. Take Secret of Mana, change the setting, add in a fnky system of magic, and parts where you split your characters up. And yet, it totally sucks. Go figure.

The Last Laugh:

Mr. Rebbie: Yello' everyone! My computer froze a bunch in the process of doing this, yippee! Uhh.. I'm open to any suggestions for getting a game for doing this, I'm thinking of Dark Cloud 2 if anyone wants to toss me that. Well, this was fun, and if you ever wanna play Counter-Strike or Day of Defeat, talk about music, or ... uhh.. well, if you want to do either of those, feel free to email me at . Peace!

Google: Fiveammesleepnow.

Googleshng "Zzzzzzz"

Stilted Esperanto even!

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