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Googleshng - February 3 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today, it looks like we're going to be talking about the awards that just went up for the best games of 2003. It'll probably end up spilling into tomorrow too, but hopefully after that people wil get over that sorta thing.

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Voting is weird this way.

I was browsing the RPGamer Awards and checked out the awards for best GBA RPGs as selected by the staff. I can understand the selections of FFTA, Sword of Mana, and Fire Emblem as the three best RPGs released on the system last year, though I wondered where my precious Mario and Luigi was. I skipped ahead to the best RPGs overall. Lo and behold, there it was! Mario & Luigi is chosen for one of the best overall RPGs of 2003, but not as one of the best on its own system? Something either doesn't compute, or there is treachery afoot. I have the feeling someone was paid off, or there was simply an oversight, my money being on the latter. If there was just some small mistake, forgive me for bringing it up, but I thought it was pretty weird.


That is a rather odd thing to have happen, but presumably it goes something like this:

A bunch of people played M&L, loved it, and stuck it way up there when voting. A bunch of other people didn't play or didn't like M&L, thus voted for other GBA games, none of which they liked as games for various consoles. I've seen weirder things happen.

You can't please everyone.

The RPGamer staff decides to leave FFx2 off of their list of top 5 games of 2003, and yet they have room for Mario& Luigi superstar saga....are you kidding me, are you serious. I've been visitng and supporting this site since day freakin one, and I am shocked. Ok Ok Goog, time for your little "but FFx2 didn't have a good story, it didn't do this, it didn't have that bla bla bla" speech. Ok now that you got that overwith lets get back to reality here. Have you seen the story in Mario& Luigi? I've made better plots in my toilet. And Disegaya or whatever its called, that game...(and I know you like to stick up for it a lot baby) is not better than FFx2. I'm usually pretty content with the Staff of RPGamer, but I think FFx2 is a quality game. The story does pick up, the side quests are plentiful, the ending is awesome, the replay value is strong. The game dominated all the other categories so why shouldn't it get the number one spot if it does have the best everything? Im referring to the readers of course, who obviously show real taste when it comes to the awards. But I suppose it's all in one's opinnion....fools

No, like I told that last person, we vote on this stuff just like you people do. Nobody "decides" anything... well, fine, technically everyone decides a lot of things and then they get averaged together. In any case though, I'm fairly surprised the staff didn't end up ranking it higher too, if only because the games they picked over it are so obscure. So, you can either chalk it up to the fact that it came out late in the year and thus many people didn't have a chance to play it, or you can accept the notion that not everyone on the planet agrees with you on every single point and stop throwing temper tantrums over it.

Hey look, it's the exact opposite of that last person!

I apologize in advance if this email is not sent to the proper recipients.

I was extremely disappointed by this year's reader awards. I almost closed my browser window and didn't bother to read the rest. It wasn't until I read the staff's reviews that I was relieved that there are actual "rpgamers" out there. Every reader review category was cluttered with top picks of anything tagged "square" or anything that included an over-the-top presentation. Even though I find myself an avid Final Fantasy fan, I do believe that FFX-2 was not one of their greatest achievements. Xenosaga was also a high scorer; I couldn't even make it through the first 5 hours without getting frustrated from all of the FMV. As a matter of fact I enjoy playing FFX-2 very much, however there were games that were highly shadowed by this game's sell-out popularity. One of these games was Breath of Fire V. I extremely enjoyed Breath of Fire V, and I actually have it at the top of my list of favorite RPGs. I enjoyed it even more than FFX, Shadowhearts, and Suikoden 3. I was extremely relieved to see that the rpgamer staff felt the same.

Anyway, to get to the point, I am glad that you include staff awards along with your reader awards, because the reader awards are just simply ridiculous and that I have trusted every review that has been published on your site (and you were right!). Keep up the good work!

Jaycee Nicodemo

BoF5 was a huge surprise I say. Especially the fact that enough people even played it for it to show up in the awards there. It was a nice one though.

One last one of these...

This message is for my fellow readers: YOU SUCK. YOU ALL SUCK. I HATE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU.

I was much more pleased with the staff picks. Although I must say, Disgaea's music is simply some of the worst I have ever heard in my life. The music in Laharl's castle rivals the worst incarnations of the chocobo theme; yea, even rivalling the chocobo/macarena remix. How could you put Disgaea on the same top music list as Wind Waker? And don't tell me the music was fitting; the battle music wasn't fitting at all, and even if it were, that wouldn't make it good. Just like the Matrix movies aren't good just because they make sense.


In anything like this, the most highly publicized games will come out on top. Why? Cause and effect. If a game has a really big name, a truckload of people are going to play it. If a truckload of people play a game, it's going to be on top of the awards. Any obscure games, even if they were to have such astounding quality as to be loved by everyone who plays them, aren't going to get many votes. Simply because so few people know about them.

I'm rather surprised you didn't like Disgaea's music though. I liked pretty much all of it myself, particularly that bit from the icy battles.

The Last Laugh:

There. I think that should cover everyone's gripes... unless as I'm typing this someone is composing a 10 page manifesto regarding the unfair treatment Unlimited Saga received. Come to think of it, it's weird people thought it was a letdown. Wouldn't that imply a lot of people were really looking forward to it?

Googleshng "No, the mailto's not a typo."

Long week for me here.

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