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Googleshng - February 2 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I debate things constantly. It's fun. It's a lot less fun though when you're arguing something with someone who keeps ignoring facts. For example, in a recent discussion of dietting, someone refused to acknowledge the fact that the most you weight you can gain from eating a whole pound of fudge is one pound (assuming of course that this is all you eat, and you don't change your altitude). The laws of physics dictate this, a scale will confirm it, and I wasn't implying that in a real world setting you wouldn't gain a lot of weight if you ate a steady diet of fudge, but she refused to acknowledge the fact, and insisted you could gain weight without eating anything at all.

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I heard a story about a competition between the two swordmakers, Masamune and Muramasa: in order to decide who was the better swordmaker Muramasa held his sword in a stream, when a leaf came by it was cut in half without losing any speed or having its movement altered. Masamune did the same with his sword and when a leaf came it stopped just before contact with the blade and moved around it.

Is this an actual story or is it just a lame rumor with no foundation? also, and I suppose this could be asked regardless of the statement's veracity, for what reasons did Masamune win? was it because the leaf, as if it were a conscious entity, asserted its will to not be cut in half because it was simply not worthy to be cut by such a blade? Or because the sword was so powerful that it instilled fear in all things around it-- thus explaining why the leaf would move aside?


You know, I've been wondering that for years. The legend I've seen in an awful lot of places, with a lot of variations here and there (and half of them call the other sword Murasame). Come to think of it, I've seen this come up HERE like two dozen times. The general concensus is this. I tend to disagree with the logic there, but I've got a whole book full of Japanese folk lore whose morals strike me fairly screwed up. It'd make more sense if you were suggesting that the blade were cutting the water itself into two streams as someone suggested to me just now, or if, like you said, the leaves dodged out of fear, or if they just declared the other the winner. That link's take is what I'll go by though unless a certified expert comes along and contradicts it.

On a related note, the Vikings were said to have converted to Christianity based on this test: Some Vikings build a big freaking bonfire, some Christian missionaries build another, and then they have a berserker try to run through'em both. If he couldn't go through either, Odin wins, if he got through one but not the other, Jesus wins. Now, I could see doing this if they were on two seperate days, but basically, we're just betting on how long he can stand being on fire for here.

A fairer test would be to have some uninvolved third party build a fire, have a berserker pray to the Norse gods and hop into it, and then have a Christian pray to his god and hop in, and go with the religeon of whoever could take it for longer, but finding a Christian crazy enough to go for it was probably too hard.

Plugsuit Fun

hey i just got the two special dressspheres for rikku and yuna but how do i use them, the game will not let me equip them onto the garmetgrids. Please help

They don't go on the grid. You have to hit every sphere on your during a fight, bring up the menu again, and an option will appear to go to your unique one. There's a grid designed specifically to help do this if you haven't noticed.


"I am a straight girl with huge boobs." - Goog

Will you marry me?


That would depend. Would I gain any lands or titles by doing so? What about giant robots?


You Rock.


Uh... thanks?

The Last Laugh:

OK. Tomorrow is guest host day, but the guest in question is rather tricky for me to get ahold of, so in the interest of hedging bets, I'd suggest people throw along both your standard "Hi new guest host!" style questions, and the standard variety. Whichever batch ends up being practical goes up, the other gets saved for later.

Alternatively, just ask whatever and I'll work it out.

Googleshng "Mass doesn't spontaneously pop into being!"

Mass only pops into being when you yodel it does.

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