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Googleshng - February 1 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

People ask me, "Hey Google, why are you predicting that yon remake of Dawn of the Dead will suck?" Well, aside from being directed by someone who missed the entire point of the movie, the new script is by the guy who wrote that live action Scooby Doo movie.

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I'm multiple people now? Neat!

Dear sirs or madames,

I cannot seem to find any information online about the legend of mana (ie walkthroughs,strategy). It has been driving me crazy. I am in the middle of a quest to find find my cactus, and all of the clues that have led me to his whereabouts point to someone named Brownie. Who in the flaming #### is this person and where do I find him/her? If you do not answer questions like these, my apologies. So here is another queston: Will Final Fantasy IX have all of the complicated menu screens/ junctioning bs. I much rather prefered the FF VII system. Thank you for your time

When I first saw this letter, I thought that was a typo for FF11, but a closer look at the headers reveals it actually was just stuck in limbo for 4 years. Better late than never though, right?

Legend of Mana guides can be found here.

FF9 uses a system for gaining new abilities that's pretty much a cross between FF6 and FF7. You equip stuff, which gives you abilities, like with Materia, and if you leave it on long enough, you'll learn it permanently, like with Espers.

FF11 for what it's worth is actually closer to FF3 than anything else from what I hear, what with mages having to buy spells and all.

Is this really the proper forum for this?

What's up, Google?

So, I got to thinking last night. We all know that Ratchet and Wheeljack, probably the Autobots two best mechanics, were killed off in The Movie. Thus, it's Perceptor who examines and diagnoses Prime's injuries as fatal. Hypothetically speaking, of course, do you think that had Ratchet and Wheeljack been the ones working on him, Prime might have survived? I think they might have been able to do more for Prime. Of course, I may just have too much free time.


Makes sense to me. Especially considering the whole bit where sometime after the movie, they actually went and got a decent mechanic to fix him and all.

Incidently, I wish more stuff would periodically do a mass slaughtering of characters nobody likes like that. It would make a lot of things much more interesting. I mean, just imagine if halfway through Legend of Dragoon someone came along and slaughtered... uh... everyone but Rose?

Humoring spam.

Hello, Please tell me you aren't wasting alot of money on medicine. I got a alternate place to get it for less.

OK. I'm not wasting any money on medicine. I'd also like to take this oppertunity to announce that I am a straight girl with huge boobs. Tell all your friends so they'll realize I have no use for the hundreds of things they try to sell me every day.

The Last Laugh:

Odd. My glasses were just glued to my head in some fashion.

Googleshng "I suppose there's no discouraging the random word spam."

You know what I mean: "Refried Butyl Acitate Democrat Leprechaun Wadsworth..."

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