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   If 12 turn no combat, the dark side win.  

Googleshng - January 27 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Or, more accurately, if 6 hours go by without the guest host giving me a thumbs up, the columnist go solo.

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You know...

Hey Google,

Just to let you know, in Disgaea, the Majin class is cheap, and transmigrating once or twice your main character will be pathetic in comparison to them. Once I finished the game and got all the secrets though, the game really bored me, because there's nothing really to do, so i sat there the place you get 2x the exp where you fight "lalala" in "the last place"(four enemies, you should know the place if you've played the game), and spent a long time killing them over and over transmigrating after getting the highest rank in each class, and it was boring, because the game is just no fun once you beat it, there's absolutely nothing to do. That's probably the reason you haven't played it for awhile(even if it's not, it's the reason I played it only up to 10 days after it came out and haven't played it since, too boring, not as bad as FF10 though).

That one guy that was talking about what Final Fantasy characters would win. The thing is, that compared to other RPG series, all the characters are way overpowered and would kill each other in one hit, so the only way to determine who would win in Final Fantasy, would be to name a time, so let's say 7 hours.

Tifa would win because in 7 hours, the characters from Final Fantasy 7 can easily take over 1000 with a single summon spell or attack, while the characters in Final Fantasy 6 would only have about 800-900 HP and Sabin wouldn't have any of his powerful attacks by then.

And the second battle, Kain would win, because he'd already be on level 60 atleast, with the Holy Spear, but would be using the Dragoon Spear instead, because anyone could absorb the attack if they had armor with Holy Properties. Kain being from FF4 would most likely go last because it takes forever for the attack to go, and since Auron doesn't have to wait for an ATB bar, he would go first, attacking Kain, where cloud would then go using a summon spell killing both Auron and Stiener. Kain would finally jump, cloud could do nothing, and Kain would take off 8000, winning the battle.

If it was determined by the world the characters lived in, then Tifa would win, because they have no problem against the monsters in their world, because all they have to do is attack, the monsters are extremely weak and the attacks are too powerful(easy and repetitive), which means Cloud would win in the second round. And the character who would most likely lose, is Auron, because skills are worthless in FF10, and he may kill one character, but he'd have to switch characters to kill another, because he's fighting against three different classes of people, and I can swear that Kain and Steiner can only be hit using a blitzball, heh.

Actually, I don't really expect this to be put up, I just wanted to rant and secret say how much FF7 and FF10 suck(not really, because I wanted to say how Disgaea's Majin class is cheap too).

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Generally, any gave becomes boring after you've done everything there is to do. Of course, if the best place to character build you know of is that mission there, I would be inclined to believe there's a whole bunch of optional chapters you've yet to mess around with that are found by getting your rank up high enough in the dark assembly.

I haven't done all this optional stuff myself yet, so I still have plenty of fun to suck out of the game. The reason I haven't been is that, quite frankly, I haven't really had any free time in months.

Better late than never.

Hey Google,

Going on with the discussion about Nobuo Uematsu's peak: while I agree with you that his work on FF6 was awesome, what do you think about the FF5 music? Because I can't rank it lower than FF6 (in fact, I think FF5 is the most underrated Final Fantasy, in almost every aspect). It has such memorable songs like Battle With Gilgamesh; My Home, Sweet Home; Prelude of Empty Skies, Fate in Haze and Intesion of the Earth, among others... so to me, his peak started in FF5 and finished in FF6 (although the closer titles to the peak, FF4 and FF7, also have awesome music).

- Moriya

I can't speak much for the quality of FF5's music, since I've only heard it in poorly emulated form. I'll agree it's an underrated game though. Arguably the best take on the job system and all that.

You ever miss Unfit for Print? Here's some flashback action for you.

The N64 was the best RPG platform. Some people tend to dissagree though and I cant imagine why. Whens the Nintendo69 coming out?

If you're going to send in a lame joke instead of an actual letter, the least you can do is make it original... or at least not five years out of date.


Why does Serena have black hair.And Rini has green hair.send me a message back.


I get things like this from time to time. They make absolutely no sense to me. Then I think back and I remember doing stuff like this, but quite frankly, if you don't get it, I can't explain it. One would figure there'd be better questions to be asking here though.

The Last Laugh:

So... last week's guest host- replies delayed for a week and counting. This week's, mysteriously absent. I'm beginning to suspect foul play.

Googleshng "Zzzzz..."


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