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Googleshng - January 26 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well, the title of this column is somewhat misleading really, but I have exactly one month to prepare for NonCon, and I'm planning to hype a few projects and give away some cheesy stuff, so there's a lot on my plate here.

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Final Fantasy Chrono Cross

Hey Google,

Long time no write. How are you doing? How about that hidden text yesterday? Could it have possibly been from Ren And Stimpy? The episode with Kowalski. Ah, too bad Spike TV had to ruin the possibility of making a good new series. Of course, all of Spike TV's shows are either reruns from other networks, or crappy shows that others wouldn't pick up.

On to video games, I don't remember if you've voiced your preview-opinion on Crystal Chronicles or not, so as a refresher if you have, or a first voicing if you haven't could you please enlighten me?

As a completely off topic question, have you seen any of the Kevin Smith films? If so, which one was your favorite? And if you didn't like them, why?

Well, I need to go now. Have a good night/day/time between naps.

Ricky Takare

Yes, that would be what made me say "MEAT!" and yes, what I saw of yon new run of Ren and Stimpy wasn't exactly uh... good.

FF:CC strikes me as the sort of thing that only has any appeal if you happen to have 3 friends, with GBAs, and GBA-GC cables, AND who are into the concept of multiplayer Action/RPGs. Oh yes, they'd also have to be more into FF:CC than Diablo 2, Phantasy Star Online, Secret of Mana, Zelda 4 Swords...

So basically, I'll be passing on CC it seems.

As for Kevin Smith movies, I haven't seen the bulk, so I'd have to call Dogma my favorite... pretty much by default.

Talk Show Question Ho!

What has to be the mots irritating aspect of running this Q & A Column?


BTW, which is better, Comedy Central or Adult Swim?

Hmm... I suppose that'd be the spam. Either that or people constantly asking me for my opinions on the programming of a channel my cable company doesn't carry. Nah, it's the spam.

"Ten-two there buddy." *skch*

My Googlie Slime-Sama,

Mid-terms are upon myself this week, so of course there will be plenty of boredom-filled-hours stuck in a single room doing morbid tests. Hmmm, because of said activities, I'm relying on FFX-2 to make my day exciting and meaningful. What's better than kicking fiends' asses while learning as many abilities as I can? On that subject, after starting a new game two weeks ago, I've been doing my best to get as much of the 100% completion as I can. Some may argue that a particular FAQ would help me along, but with this, I disagree. Finding out that I already missed something would trigger something in my brain that would lead me not to finish that file. That's why there's New Game +. ^_^ I fear I've picked your brain long enough to be considered canabilism, so for now Googlie, I bid you farewell,

On the wings of many dragons,

O' Shrouded One

You only actually asked one question here, which I was assuming was rhetorical, but this being a Q&A column, I am compelled to answer anyway.

A few choice activities which I find more enjoyable than what you just described:
- Raising an army of the dead.
- Gaining the powers of a god.
- Destroying Tokyo.

Running behind schedule.

I hope I'm not being an idiot, but have the results for the games awards come out yet? I didn't see them and I've been checking nearly every day. So, did I just miss them or are you having trouble with the processing?

There were a few inevitable delays, so the results of yon awards haven't gone up yet. The should be up some time this week though.

OK, fine, there were evitable delays. There. I said it.

The Last Laugh:

Having forked Devil May Cry 2 over to Chaze, tomorrow one Mr. Rebbie should be guest hosting. So, send plenty of questions.

Googleshng "I'm made of poison."

Wait, not me. That guy.

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