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   Legend of the White Deer  

Googleshng - January 25 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's a solid white deer outside.

Yeah, that wasn't much of a legend. Gimme a few years to embellish it.

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2. Similarly, how many endings have you gotten? I've seen the "normal" ending and the "good" (e.g. no ally kills) ending. So I guess it's time for some early game ally kills for the other endings.

3. What chaacters do you use in your normal team? I've been leveling up, trying to get a Majin, but it takes so damn long! I hear they're worth the wait, though. For now, I use my team of skulls/mages to level the field quickly. Nothing like an Omega Star spell from halfway across the screen to nuke mass enemies! He he, listen to them sizzle!

Good luck!
Behold the power of Cheese! (But take care NOT to abuse it!)


Is the front page quote from Earthbound's Apple Kid, who resides in Twoson?


Yep. Here you go. ~


::Appears slowly out of nowhere, having consuming dangerous quantities of mozarella sticks::

So, Googy, you are interested in knowing the location of the beef? The beef is merely a manifestation of ones own desire. To discover the actual placement of the beef is to ascend beyond your mortal shell, through deep analysis and meditation. Therefore, the beef lies ingrained deep within us all.

Now that that's taken care of, I should probably ask you something. So I will.

1. In Disgaea, have you ever actually tried stealing the Horse Weiner from that zombie in the 7th chapter? I didn't succeed until the second time through, when I actually had a thief. Of course, by then, such things were obselete compared to my other equipment.

I didn't bother personally, but a friend of mine got it on his first time through, by the simple strategy of tossing the zombie in question into his base.

Just the good ending. I haven't had much time for Disgaea these days, and what time I do have goes into character building for its own sake.

Well, except of course for a Tera Star. I tend to stick with the actual elemental spells though. I don't really have a prefered party as such though. It's generally just whoever needs the experience the most. I don't really care much for clerics, knights, archers, or thieves though.

Where be they?

Did something happen to the company Working Designs? They seem so much more quiet than they used to be and it seems like they haven't done a single at all lately.

Well, WD always takes an awfully long time to get a game out the door, and tend not to work on a lot of games at a time. On top of that, lately they're working on a couple non-RPGs, so you aren't going to hear much about them from us.

Them's fightin' words.

Who do you think would win in a fight...Sabin or Tifa? I think Sabin would Bum Rush her bum and take the match in 1:40.

What about Cloud vs. Auron? I think Cloud is more powerful but I would be rooting or Auron, but it would probably be a long battle. What if Steiner were involved, along with Kain in a four-way battle?

I guess I was wondering who you thought was the most powerful FF character relative to the rest of the world they lived in?

Tad Ghostal

Well, the only character in a Final Fantasy game I've ever really found to be excessively overpowered was Cid from FFT. So I suppose I'd have to go with him. Really though, the whole matter would depend on how far into the games we're pulling these people. Auron hits the point where he'll do 9999 damage faster than any of these other people for instance.

The Last Laugh:

See? Much beefier, as promised.

Googleshng "MEAT!"

And what would you like to drink with that? MEAT!

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