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Googleshng - January 24 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Seeing how yesterday's column went up roughly a whole day late, there isn't much in the old inbox today, so sorry in advance. Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to Tuesday's column, believe it or not, I'm still waiting for the guest end of things there. As a quick note to anyone planning to guest host in the future, give me a heads up well in advance if you're going to need to skip a week.

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Old questions never die...

Random spoilers for various old games

I remeber back when final fantasy & first came out there were rumor that the end was changed to meet the dead line of the games coming out on time. that rumor was supposely that Aesis was supposed to be brought back to lifesome how .

There were rumors of stories going around that by doing certain things in the game you could bring here back to life. I was wondering was it ever proving that you could bring here back to life and changed the ending. or was the whole thing a joke. I did try some of the things that was supposed to take place like find a desert rose and some other items and trading them with some old guy in some town. but never progress any further .

if this rumor was true and there was a way I was wondering have anyone been able to do it without using a gameshark codes in to bring her back . I was able to bring her back with a code to fight in battles but that was it .


No, there is absolutely no way to bring Aeris back to life. Nor can you revive General Leo, Nei, or any of the other dozens of characters who die for good in RPGs, except for Chrono.

Yeah, yeah, you can revive Nei during the fight against Neifirst, but that's a minor technicality.

Musical Aspirations

Hey there.

Let me tell you this....I have a creative mind and I hope to make a huge RPG Series one day so I though to start off I could make some music for My non-Exisitant game.

And then it came to me that I could put it on the web for other people so they can judge my creative skills.

But the problem is that your site does not offer to host music for games that are not real...bummer.

I thought i could tell people on Message forums but the all importaint rule applys (Do not offer to distribute Material like MP3s and ROMs).

I would put it on my site..but I dont have a site and I dont have the Technical Doo-Daa to create one.

So I was thinking that you could add a page to your site that offers us Budding game developers to test our skills in the art of music creation.

I already have a good Battle Theme and Victory theme made and I would like to here opinions about them.

Please read this letter and send me a reply as soon as possible.


Kyle Allan

Well, first I feel obligated to point out to you that you are never going to get an RPG released if all you're willing to handle yourself is the concept and the music.

That said, what "Technical Doo-Daa" is needed to create a web page? Learning HTML takes about 5 minutes tops, and you don't even need to know that if you're using a hosting service like Geocities. So, it should be easy enough for you to set up a page showing off your music and then drag people to it.

The Last Laugh:

There you go. Expect a somewhat beefier column tomorrow.

Googleshng "Where's the beef?"

Ou est le boef?

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