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Googleshng - January 19 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I am a procrastinator. I start everything at the latest possible time I'll still be able to meet the deadline for, and I'm pretty darn good at getting the math right on such things.

This is why I really wish people wouldn't always wait until midnight to start asking me favors.

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Looks like a multiparter, but it isn't.

Greetings Google! 1) The title of yesterday's column came from "I Palindrome I" by They Might be Giants.

2) For the guy who wanted shots of the Escaflowne game, there is a rather long clip of it on one of the DVDs. All I remember about it is a Zaibach floating fortress flying over Japan while Van fights Delandou.

3) I've been trying to decide which RPG from my collection I should finish off next. How long does it take to beat Sword of Mana and Mario & Luigi?

-Molkar, Lord of the Black Flame

I'd say M&L is 30 hours. Most RPGs are really. Action/RPGs are shorter, so I wouldn't bank on SoM being longer than 20.


I thought the FFVII soundtrack was excellent, actually, so I'd peak him more around 1997. Unless you follow the logic that he probably finished composing it in late 96.

But yeah... FFVIII is actually a step backwards, somehow, and while I enjoy FFIX's soundtrack for nostalgia reasons, it doesn't hold up on a pure musical quality basis. After that it's not even worth mentioning.

Anyway, I mainly wrote to inquire whether you meant he peaked with FFVI (which was awesome, by the way) or FFVII. Even if he didn't "peak" at FFVII, I'm curious to hear your opinion on that game's soundtrack.


- andrew

So basically, what you're asking hear is which I like more, the soundtrack to FF6 or FF7. I'll have to go with 6 there.


Hey Goog,

Interesting titles you've been putting on the section lately. We suppose to be guessing what's so special about them or something? I noticed the palendrome on Saturday. Sunday's sounds like a description of an Oroborus (I think that's spelled right). Only an Oroborus is a snake eating it's tail, so I might be wrong.

Looks like Monday is the day we discover the RPGamer Reader Awards and Staff Awards results. So this question should be valid when you get to it...What do you think of the results?

Watcher (regularly sending prinnies to their doom...dood)

Well, like every year, there's a couple categories that strike me as redundant, and the results are all horribly skewed by the fact that most people who voted only played a handful of games this year and voted them across the board. Considering that though, I think they look pretty accurate this time.

RPGs. Five of them. Yep.

Hey Google... nice segue from Weird Al's "palindrome" song to TMBG's "I Palindrome I." Very subtle... anyway, I may be the last person on the planent to purchase a PS2, and I was wondering what 5 RPGs you would most recommend... Doesn't matter how old or how hard to find they are, just the 5 titles any gamer HAS to have... Thanks a bunch, and good luck with the supposed thaw... (snicker, snicker...)

Let's see, in no particular order, there's Shadow Hearts, Wild ARMs 3, Breath of Fire 5, Disgaea, and for the 5th item on this list, there's one of 3 high profile games which if I mentioned one, fans of the other two would murder me for excluding. Should be obvious what they are though.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Chaze will be guest hosting one last time, before giving way to... whoever he's grabbing a game from. So, send him plenty of letters on the way out.

Googleshng "I am a penninnnnnnnnnnsula!"

No. "I am a straight?" No. "I am a cove?" No...

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