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Googleshng - January 18 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Supposed to get all the way up to freezing today. That's nice to know.

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Google, The text at the top from "Bob" by Weird Al...I don't get that song at all. Whats your opinion of the song? The qoute on the main page is from Paper Mario. All I have to say really. ---cjb909

Here's a tilde: ~

Now then, the point of Bob is that the lyrics are all palendromes. Whip out the lyrics sheet and read it backwards.

RPG Favoritism

What's YOUR favorite RPG of the year?

Well, discounting Skies of Arcadia on the grounds that it came out a couple years ago, I suppose I'll have to go with uh... Disgaea. It was honestly a pretty slow year though.


Ive been watching the whole Escaflowne series on DVD, quality stuff, quality stuff. But I heard there was a video game of it for PS but I am unable to find out anything about it on the nets. I want to at the very least see some screen shots, was it even an RPG?

There's at least one RPG based on every anime series, released only in Japan, and most are even by the same company.

Second, don't you think Nobou Uematsu has peaked? I mean FFX, the soundtrack was good, but it was more like souped up elevator music. Where did those catchy tunes go, the ones that got you into the action of a final fantasy game?

I think he peaked back in uh... 1996 was it? It's pretty much been downhill since, barring those occassions when there's a backup composer or two.

To finish off, is the new Star Ocean for PS2 going to be any good? Or is it going to be mere button mashing battles and a cliche' Japanese adventure plot? My family just won a big million, so im itching to get a game? Ideas?


If you didn't like SO2, you probably won't like SO3. You also most likely won't like any of the Tales of... games incidently. I'd say I'd probably just grab every game if I had a million dollars handy though, but quite frankly under those conditions I'd honestly only get about 3 more games a year than I have been. Dollar votes and all that.

On the obscure side of things though, Breath of Fire 5 is surprisingly good, everyone seems to like Paper Mario... like I said up there though, this was a slow year.

Please don't put the body of your e-mail in the subject line.

Where is the summon sphere located in Final Fanatsy X-2?
If you could help me it would be greatly apprecite it.
Thank you

There isn't one. FF10-2 is the first FF in a long long time where you can't summon things. The unique spheres kinda fill the niche though, and there's something to be said for Trainer I suppose.

The Last Laugh:

Yep. This here snow should be turning to rain any second now. Any second...

Googleshng "Brrr"

Hasn't been over 0 in weeks. That's uh... -20 for your Celcius people... I think.

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