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Googleshng - January 12 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Having hunks of the internet continually popping in and out of existence on me is getting bothersome.

Oh Sacred Gods of The Internet! I offer unto ye this sacrifice of my browser cache that you may spare us from thy mighty wrath!

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Spectacular Spectacular

Is that in fact from Sword of Mana? That game was too short and the story kind of sucked. Fire Emblem is much better.

S.H. Silver

Yep. Here's your tilde. ~



I heard a month or so ago that Square was re-releasing Xenogears, along with several of the Final Fantasy Collections and Vagrant Story as a part of the Greatest hits collection. Here's my question: Have they been released yet? I haven't seen any of these games anywhere as re-releases. Are stores just not picking them up? or have the re-releases just not been made yet? Thanks for any help.


Hmm... not a lot of people keep track of rerelease dates, but it's honestly a moot point. It's darn easy to get ahold of mint condition copies of those games used for the prices GH games go for, and that saves you having to look at the nasty green bars.

Do not ignore my veins!

You said your source for episodes of Zim was Nick airing them, so I figured I'd better pass this link along:

And that was a better magic joke than most of the ones I've heard.

Seeker after Chaos

Well to be fair, how many Magic jokes do you really hear?

The source of our problems reveals himself!

I enchanted the server with phasing. Well.... actually, I used Reality Ripple to make it phase out, but if you weren't paying enough attention, you don't need to know that.

I'm hoping to draw a Teferi's Curse any time now, though...


I'll get you next time Powerlord! Next time!!!

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Chaze will be here again. He's looking for games still in theory. Specifically .hack games.

Googleshng "Utena box art... creepy."


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