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Googleshng - January 10 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Bet you thought I was going to say Genesis there, didn't you.

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Final Fantasy 1011 is Final Fantasy 12 in binary. And Final Fantasy C is Final Fantasy 12 in hexadecimal. But Robotnik's still an idiot. I mean, in Sonic Adventure 2, he attacked his own base just to get in.

I got games for Christmas. They include FF10-2 and Breath of Fire 5. FF10-2 is positively girly. It reminds me of magical girl anime. Of course, FF10 was girly too, but not quite this much. FF10 was at least designed for more mature girls; FF10-2 is clearly catering towards late elementary to early middle school. Breath of Fire 5 is not bad at all so far, but the menus and other text boxes need some work. Having 5 items to a page and dialog boxes that hold up to 40 characters is really quite annoying. But I really like the idea of being able to "give up"... it's like starting a new game plus, but you don't have to beat the game first.


The thing I'm most surprised by is how darn tactical combat is in BoF 5 here. That aspect really wasn't hyped up enough when it was in development.

It kinda reminds me of that thing from that thing.

Dear Googleshng,

I noticed that you haven't gotten any new fanarts of yourself up for a while, so i decided to draw a weird interpretation of "you". I got inspiration from looking at your kitties...A slime cat Googleshng!

Weird, but in a good way. Hope you like it.


-Ket Shi, the Cait Sith Fanatic

Well, that's a truly bizarre concept for ya. Personally though, I'd probably have thrown a couple stubby paws on it too.


Chronologically? The OAVs, the movies ("the movie", Return, Great, Gorgeous), the original series, Next, Try.

Naughty Googy, you forgot Slayers Premium. And if you forgot because you've never seen it/heard of it, I implore to track down a copy. Where? Same general area you get your Zims, I'd wager.

Is good, if a bit short (but then, all the movies are).

~Psxphile, feeling the fizz of Kooky Kola.

P.S. It would come after TRY.

Huh. News to me. Unfortunately, my source for episodes of Zim is them airing on Nickelodeon, so I doubt I'd come across said movie thusly.

The Last Laugh:

Evidently, tomorrow night VH1 is showing Moulin Rouge. Hurray for surrealistic musicals.

Googleshng "Who enchanted the server with phasing?"

Watch me make a bad magic joke.

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