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Googleshng - January 6 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There's just something about the phrase "HUMAN dog-monster" that I find inherently amusing. Particularly in context.

Chaze: Hey everyone, I guess this is where I do the traditional opening blithering. I'm Chaze Xavier, yeah, that's... my real name. I'm a sales representative with a large international hotel/motel chain (this means I sit in an office and play Everquest for $40-some-odd thousand a year.) It's a good thing. I've been playing RPGs since I could understand THACO and here over the past seven years I, with a group of friends have started a little gaming company called Archaic Jump Productions ( Our big project is Archaic Dreams, a RPG for Windows and PS2 (yeah! Scored a DevKit, go us go.) Um... enough rambling! ON TO THE LETTERS!

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Mega Multiparter. FF10 spoilers obviously.

Having just started FFX-2, I've realized there are some plot points from the original that I never quite caught. Some spoilers, of course.

1. What's this thing the Guado did that made everybody so mad at them? All I remember is Seymour trying to marry Yuna, and that doesn't seem like something worth ostracizing a whole damn race over.

2. Come to think of it, just what makes Guado different from humans, anyway? Besides the perpetual bad hair days.

3. What are the pyreflies, and what is their purpose?

4. What was the whole deal with Yu Yevon? If he's the basis of their whole religeon, you'd think there'd be more of a fuss over him being a black blob in the middle of Sin. Wakka didn't seem to notice.

5. If the whole Final Summon/Summoner go splat/Sin gone for a while thing really didn't work all that well, who came up with it in the first place?

6. Sin's gone in X-2, so why are there still monsters around?

7. What created Sin? Where did it come from?

8. I know I saw Yoshitaka Amano's name flash by in X-2's credits. What part of the game did he work on?

Thanks for clearing this up. I know, I really should have paid more attention.


"Did you like my sunglasses?"

Whow... dude, a multi-parter for my first. Rock. I'm not going to say alot about the Guado, except for the fact I think its natural that "People fear what they don't understand." ...that, and as you said: Bad hair will scare anyone. As for Pyreflies, um... bad translation of will-o-wisp? *shrug*

As for why the nasties are still around after Sin went ka-put, well; have you ever played Lufia 2? Come on! People gotta have jobs, and aside from sphere hunting why not be a monster hunter? Hey... it could happen!

And... I made Sin, but those meddling kids... *nods and goes back into his lab*

Well, I was going to stripe this letter, but this might work out better.

First off, you forgot a whole lot about the Guado there. Too much for me to really get into. As far as I can tell though, the hair is due to them being some sort of plant people.

One would assume Yevon started the whole summoners going to whack Sin bit.

Only bosses are due to Sin being around. The rest of the monsters go something like this: Person dies. Soul leaves body in the form of pyreflies. Assuming nobody dances on their corpse, these turn into monsters, or they just the person, depending on the importance of the character in question.

Think that covers everything.

No steam engines or orcs here.

Arcana's a pretty funny game, I remember devoting days to that... that... THING and regretting every moment of it. Kinda liked the whole card thing though. Overall a VERY frustrating game with the whole anyone in your party dies it's game over (exception of spirits).

Anyways question for the day is who's your favorite character in any of the Suikoden games? Personally I like Nanami cause she so cool, Like her arrow blocking stuff and all but uh.. yeah!

- Infitiae

Ahhh! Suikoden! The greatest of the non Final Fantasy RPGs! Personally I've always been the biggest fan of Seed. The long flowing red trimmed battle coat, the katana/rapier... ahhh... the epitomy of bishi; and I'm straight! BWAH!

I don't have much problem with the whole Game Over from any human death angle. It's how the other characters on your party would spontaniously ditch you mid-dungeon that tripped me up.

The Man in the Crown Comes Back

This is a call-out to Zucot, the guest-host before this one - did you see Return of the King on Friday, December 19th? Because if you did, the people making RotK a three-hour long homoerotic joke might have been my friends and myself. Did someone yell "PORN!" at the end of it? If it was us, I apologize on their behalf. If it wasn't, well, post this to the enjoyment and scorn of everyone who reads Q&A.

S. Netzach
"He is not gay and I can prove it!"

I didn't score tickets to see RotK on its release day, for two reasons. 1: It came on an off-pay week, and 2: I didn't want to buy into the hype blindly.

Saying that much, I have yet to see it. With all the conflicting stories I've heard chances are I am going to wait for all three movies to be released in the ubitiquous boxset and take a sick-day to watch the whole shabam in one sitting.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could do that with my Neon Genesis Evangelion Boxset without having my head explode. Ahh... anime.

You know, that calls for an apology whether Zucot was there or not. Hecklers BAD.

Unless of course they're two robots and some guy.

Forgive me for stripping you!

Please Teacher sounds like a hentai. The cover even looks like a hentai. But the show is entirely non-hentai, going so far as to have a married couple that won't kiss each-other, and having lots of annoying unnecessary philosiphizing thrown in at completely random times. I think the author is trying to trick you into thinking it's hentai so you'll watch it, then bombarding you with his philosophies that he wants to share with the world. I couldn't get through the first disc.

YES! OTAKU UNITE! Please Teacher is a -VERY- good series. There are things in it for every anime fan out there if you ask me. There's a little bit of Tenchi with the introduction of Mizuho's family, and I swear to god Kei's uncle looks like a HAPPY GENDO IKARI!!!! Has anyone else but me been scared by this? I will admit though, the first DVD is kinda slow, but once you get to the second, the slapstick picks up as well as the tie-ins for all of the seemingly random points made. The ending will make you think, just like something in homage to the great Hideaki Anno (please don't lynch me if I spelled that incorrectly.)

Reminds me of Those Who Hunt Elves. The basic premise of the show is just a really weak basis to throw around tons of random nudity, but then it doesn't throw nudity around at all and treats you to a tank possessed by a cat instead. Good stuff.

The Last Laugh:

Chaze: Wow... I've done a Q&A session at YAY! Well, guys, as I said this has been a dream come true and I am really happy all of you have put all these questions foward for Google and I to gnash up to bits and spit out seemingly generated answers. Yeah... go us go. Welp, that wraps it up for me, remember though, if you want my spot here is what I'm looking for (I know, amended list):

Devil May Cry 2

RPGMaker 2

ANY of the .hack games

and if by some act of god, the american release of the DBGT game for PS1

...hey... I can dream right?

Okay Google, take it man!

-Chaze "The Psychopathic Paladin"

Google: I could have sworn I just forwarded you an offer for DMC2. Suppose I'll have to send it again. Anyway, enjoy Andrew, hopefully less plague-ridden this week.

Googleshng "Mmm... saltoids."

"The most frightening thing in the world... a Paladin with a sword, a map, and a plan... someone memorize their rez spell."

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