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Googleshng - January 5 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Someone made an odd statement about my tastes yesterday, in regards to death and comedy. I maintain that the zombies from Idle Hands are darn funny.

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Greetings and such

Hope your holidays were enjoyable in some manner. I was a little disappointed in this Christmas season's available games. Really I saw no huge titles that everyone will be grabbing for. Does that even occur anymore? I guess I cannot really recall many games that were comparable to the "Tickle me Elmo" craze.

Of course, you do have the impossible to find variety of games. Disgaea was one of these. I see it all the time now, at least after I caved and purchased mine online. Suikoden 3 was similar as well. I lucked out and found a used copy some time ago, now it is all over the place. However I am having trouble with the re-released Xenogears. The original versions are hard to find offline, even then they are priced horrbily high. Being Canadian does not help either, the price being up in the $99 range. After much searching I was able to find the Greatest Hits version, however to my dismay the price was $59.99. Correct me if I am wrong, but Greatest Hits are supposed to be in the nicely priced range, yes? So then it would seem said store decided to jack the price to make a lovely profit? I was frustrated by this, to say the least. EB Games of course, though oddly not being sent the game, assured me they would have sold it at it's normal, Greatest Hits Price. So now I go on searching yet again...I may simply cave again and purchase it online.

For a question, as that is what we're here for, what title are you most looking forward to in 2004? Be it RPG related or not...assuming you had the appropriate funds of course.

Thats all for now...


Well, I'm expecting a lot more to be announced before the end of the year, but the only things I'm looking forward to at the moment really are Pikmin 2 and yon GameCube anthology of every Mega Man game.

As far as games being in high demand though, I find that this industry is actually pretty good at getting supply and demand in sync. If a lot of people are going to be looking for a game, a lot of copies of that game get run off.

The Candian comment doesn't get you anywhere though. If your dollar is worth half as much, prices are going to be twice as high. The math is pretty simple really.

Don't you surrender!

Since the letter column links are mostly broken, I couldn't read up to find out whether or not anybody had written in to clarify the Chrno Crusade issue. I figured I'd chime in just in case.

Unfortunately, for fans of Chrono Trigger, the anime has nothing to do with either the game or time travel. Chrno Crusade (spelled correctly), is an action anime set in the 1930's in the U.S. about a secret religious organization fighting demons summoned by devil worshippers. The main character's partner is a chibi-esque demon who transforms into a pretty bad-ass demon at the expense of shortening the main character's life. It's typical studio GONZO fare and you should check it out when it inevitably comes out here.


- Ty G.

Typical GONZO affair meaning slick and stylish but with some major major deviations from the manga it's based on? Suppose I'll keep that in mind.

Peace and love and true your heart.

where do u get Paines speciel dress-sphere?

In the forest. I thought it was hard to miss myself.

Live your fantasy.

hi Google!

I know it's not a rpg question, but I can't seem to find this information and I thought you might know it. What is the order on all the Slayers movies, and how do they fit in with the series. I've seen all of Slayers, and wanted to make sure I don't miss anything before I get Slayers Next.

Uh, lesse, rpg question... Is there another ogre battle in the works, do you know? One like Ogre Battle 64 and not like TO Advance?


Chronologically? The OAVs, the movies ("the movie", Return, Great, Gorgeous), the original series, Next, Try. It should be noted however that you aren't missing anything if you skip all the prequel material (the OAVs and the movie). Plus, quite frankly, the movies flat out suck. Except for Great, which is, well, appropriately titled.

As for Ogre Battle, there isn't a new one currently in the works that I'm aware of, but I think we're about due for a new one too.

The Last Laugh:

Why are the titles of all of today's letters semi-obscure quotations of engrish lyrics to anime themesongs? Why not?

Anyway though, tomorrow Chaze Xavier will be guest hosting, so send in plenty of questions, particularly regarding MMORPGs.

And if you'd like to take his place in three weeks, he's making it pretty easy for you. He's looking for any of the .hack games, RPG Maker 2, Devil May Cry 2, Star Ocean 2, or the 2nd DVD of the anime series Please Teacher. Come to think of it, I have have a mind to fling SO2 at him myself if it comes down to it.

Googleshng "You get to burning!"

Quoting Fly me to the Moon would be too easy.

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