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Googleshng - January 4 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Alot of people I know, and a lot of you, seem to have grabbed a fair number of games this Decemberween that have been out a good few months. So off I go to verse myself in BoF5, FFTA, and Disgaea all over again.

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Long time no get.


Have a very happy holiday, Merry Christmas, etc. I enjoy writing into you, and I wish you good health during the season. Your gift is enclosed, I hope you like it.

Happy holidays,

O' Shrouded One


If you think "MP" means you should stop for gas...

I was just wondering: Have you met any rednecks, or maybe just people who have lived in the middle of nowhere who where totally obsessed with RPG's?

I ask this because, you could concider me a redneck, and I think theres only three people living on this whole road.

Well, while it was nice having that little chance to steal a bit from Jeff Foxworthy, I never met anyone I would consider a redneck who plays RPGs. Actually, now that I stop and think about it, I do know one or two if paper RPGs count. Living in the middle of nowhere is another story though. I've met plenty. Heck, I live in the middle of nowhere. Well, maybe on the edge.

Hail to the King Baby

Hey Goog

happy holidays! i know its not a game but have you seen return of the king? i hear its good, but i still haven't seen it.

anyway, i wanted to ask you about lunar: the silver star.

what do you think of it? i'm thinking of getting it.

thanks a bunch, and i think you're the best Q&A host on rpgamer.

The Batman

Return of the King good. Lunar also good. I recommend the PSX version though.

Why didn't he take the 5 seconds to look at the game?

Hi, I'm playing one of the final fantasy's and forgot which one so maybe this will help....your this guy who can ride a chocobo and the story has to do with crystals. you know what level I should be around to fight the dragons? Their killing me badly. Thank you.

Well, you could be refering to almost any game in the FF series there, but seeing how I can only name two where dragons can really mess you up, and only one of those where level is going to be an issue, I'm going to go out on a limb and say we're talking about FF9. In which case you probably have a chance at surviving there around level... 40? Best place to bring up your levels in the game though once you can handle it.

This column sure does have a lot of dated pop cultural referencing going on...

is Vaan in Final Fantasy XII a man or woman it is a little hard to tell.

Thany you,


He's a MAN Baby!

Otherwise he'd need to have a shirt that covered his chest a little better.

The Last Laugh:

Oldish games. Knowledge to be absorbed. Zoom!

Googleshng "I'm playing Arcana for some reason."

Go figure.

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