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Googleshng - January 3 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well... that was a rather unexpected vacation there, thanks to the mail server blinking out of existence and all. Sorry about that. In any case, roughly a week late, here's Zucot.

Zucot: Why are Harvest Moon games essentially the same thing every year, but still so addicting every time? It's kind of like sports games, but in a farmer sort of way. Ahh well, back to my GBA.

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This issue is a bit out of date.

Hey Google, Read a few days ago about your explanation of that one "Chrono Crusade" anime that one guy was talking about. Chrono involves time yes, but it doesn't mean the anime has to involve time travel, it could involve characters abilties to stop time or something, or that time could stop randomly at a time, because stopping time whenever would be cheap.

Also, everyone making the topic about characters being gay. Just because the one guy that gives you Musik on Phantasy Star 2 is sexist and you have to pay less for guys(or girls, I forget which) doesn't mean he's gay, but, I haven't played that game in such a long time, so I don't really remember.

But there is Gremio, where you said the one guy forgot to add him, and the other guy said because he's worried about the master then he's got to be gay. Just because he's cautious about the master getting hurt, doesn't mean that he's gay, it's his job, and they're like family, so of course he is cautious. It not like a guy gets hurt and he's all over there, because in the story he's not. So since he was helping Teo since the main character was a child, he was like more of a father than Teo was, Teo being one of the great generals and all.

That's my opinion, it's not like he was ever hitting on anyone in the game at any point during the game. It's not like Cloud in FF7, with the purple clothes, and the stuff they let you to say to Don Corneo. I mean, not once during any of the story did Cloud even make any remarks towards Tifa or Aerith except when Aerith is like, does Tifa like you? And you get the choices of something like who cares, or, let's hope so!! So yeah, Cloud has one or two choices about flirting with Tifa and Aerith, but the rest of the game(the other parts outside of midgar), he does nothing of hitting on them, so he's one character some people would call gay, except stupid fans that think FF7 is the best game in the world.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Here's how I read this letter:

"blah blah blah gay, blah blah blahblahblah gay, blabbity blah blah gay."

I mean, does it really matter? The only way I'll believe a character/person/entity is gay, is if they come out and say it. I think that part of the reason these things aren't really defined when it comes to created characters is for the creators to give each individual their own "take" on the character. Its a way to draw the audience in, make them feel more connected. Things get stupid fast when people shout their opinions from the rooftops...

Well the point with Gremio is that he's always on such lists, be there grounds for it or not. There are seriously a lot of other issues concerning RPG characters worth more thought than this though. I mean, the average RPG only has 2 characters with any sort of romantic involvement at all, so whether people are gay is largely academic. If realism is weighing on your mind, I'd be more concerned with the lack of bathrooms, or the generally low populations of towns, or for that matter all those economies which run completely based on you killing monsters. How about the fact that every town has a store selling one variety of each type of weapon your characters happen to favor, but you never see one grocery store.

Someone had too much sugar.

Hurray hurray for Squeenix. Now I can get my mitts on FF Anthology and FF Chronicles and dump my SNES with Secret of Mana as my only loss. Yaaaaayyyyyyyy! Happy birthday to me na no da~!

Playing FF5 after watching Return of the Kings is a weird experience. Faris sounds good with Samwise's Irish brogue, but I wish Faris didn't go "arr" a lot. (Sentence carefully crafted for those of you who are still yet to discover the secret of Faris na no da~.)

My new year's resolution is to buy FF7 and play it for more than an hour and not care that I already know what's gonna happen, and see what develops from that...whether it's random squealings of "Onii-sama" like Nanami Kiryuu or marathon arguments with the TV. Last year, it was Lunar Legend, and I ended up hating its guts and wanting to see it get run over by the Shinkansen.

Anyways, I am twenty-two today, I have been reading this site since the Unofficial Squaresoft Homepage, and that's seven years yo! A good third (almost) of my life! And many more! (raises her Michelob Ultra na no da~)

Bucket Mouse (na no da~)

Happy birthday. I'll have a drink in your name. Return of the King is way too friggin long, not to mention some people I sat near turning it into a 3 hour long homoerotic joke.

Oddly enough, I keep hearing people say they thought yon movie was too short. Go figure.


Hi Google,

Just wanted to say that I was reading some of the news on FFXII recently, and it has me very excited. I was reading an article on this very site when I saw that there was likely to be a large cast of characters, and the battle system would involve lining up in two lines to face the enemy. That sounds like old school FF to me. Could they be trying to return to some of the old school FF goodness. If so, I think it could be very exciting.

What say you?


(The subject of this email is Final Fantasy Ten Eleven)

Uhhh do you mean Final Fantasy Twelve? We're about nine or so games away from a Final Fantasy Ten Eleven. Half of us probably wont even be alive by the time that would come out...

And I think it's too early to speculate on FFXII, wait till E3 or so, then more info will be available.

Wouldn't that be Final Fantasy 1011? That'll take significantly more than 9 games. Anyway though Eggman, by that logic, FF10 is an "oldschool" FF. For that matter, so is practically every RPG ever made. Takes a bit more information to get me excited.

WE FRIED SANTA!!!!!!!!!!

This just occured to me with the time being christmas and all again. How come no RPG ever had a christmas time in it or christmas theme for it to revolve around? Im not talking about leveling up Santa Clauss to fight the evil elves and discovering treasure chests with magical herbs that when planted turn into presents for children. Nor am I talking about you goog, answering our questions to brighten our holiday spirit. I want NPC's enjoying christmas because they never seem to have much life. But maybe thats because the NPC's are meant to be low lives like bad neighbors and add a sense of reality to games.......

Santa Claws the Insane
P.S. Just purchased Chrono Trigger for SNES off of EBgames for $39.99 seeing as how I can profit by selling it myself to a desperate person without this fossil. Shipping was free also. What do you think of that? Merry christmas RPGamer.

Have you not played Secret of Mana? You had to


pretty much rescue Santa in that game...


Well well, lookie here, some poor soul trying to make money off of a game that used to be high in demand. You really wanna make some cash? Try Suikoden II... that thing sells for well over 100 bucks these days...

There actually are a few instances of Christmas in RPGs, like the one mentioned by Zucot there, or Parasite Eve. As a general rule though, you aren't going to see it, since the vast majority of RPGs aren't set in the real world, and thus have their own holidays, which you don't generally see coming up either.

The Last Laugh:

Zucot: Well that's it kiddies, you won't have old Sheehy to kick around anymore. Or Zucot. Or Simondi.

Have fun with the next guy, while I go back to playing EVO....stupid queen bee...


Google: There you go. Sorry again for the columnless end of the year. Later this week, there will be a new guest host, and later this evening, I need to get this rant up.

Googleshng "No e-mail bad."

No Strong Bad's e-mail also bad.

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