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Googleshng - December 22 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Guess what I actually watched. Go on. Guess.

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Hi! I heard that Marcy, Dr. Bowow and the chocobo were left out of the Sword of Mana game. Do you know if this is true?


To the best of my understanding, they overhauled everything but the general plot, so yeah, it would seem so.

A long time ago, over there.


Awwww poor Google didn't receive any letters, So what happened everyone who reads the Q & A ran out of questions to ask? Well I got one here it is. why the heck is everyone so hopped up on Star Wars Galaxies? I mean come on, Everyone I talked to is like Star Wars this Star Wars that is it really all that special? The more people talk about it the more crazy there making me! could you please shed some light on this Star Wars mystery or at east give me the number for a good Assassin to kill these people who wont shut up about it.


Well, Star Wars has dedicated fans. All MMORPGs have dedicated fans. I haven't really heard anyone talking about it myself though.

Old Games

I was just wondering, because I saw it advertized on the site, if Final Fantasy Anthology and Chronicles were indeed accepted into greatest hits status.  If so, why can't I find them at any video game store in my area (Portland, OR)?  Do you have to order it online or something?  When I ask the clerks, they say they've never heard of the two games becoming greatest hits titles.  Infuriating....

Video game question-

Does it excite you as much as I to learn that Wild Arms is getting a makeover?  Now if Square-Enix would only jump on Xenogears.

My guess would be you jumped the gun on grabbing those anthologies. Things don't generally appear in stores as soon as they're announced. As for yon WA remake, I'm actually fairly aprehensive there.

The Last Laugh:

Zucot will be here guest hosting one last time tomorrow. Send in plenty of letters.

Googleshng "Bah humbug"

This neighborhood goes crazy this time of year.

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