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Googleshng - December 21 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As an early Christmas present (or a late Hanukkah present, Kwanza, whatever you want to call it) someone gave me a Bond CD. Spiffy band that. Some of this sounds like Mitsuda's stuff actually.

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Wow, only one person made this joke.

Obviously that email appearing to be spam concerning Bust Size was actually about Princess Maker 2. It had the bust size stat, Buxomize Pills to increase it, and it includes a simple RPG engine in it. Unfortunately, I don't know of any obscure RPGs involving Nigerian millionaires doling out cash.

Duke Plueken

Well Earthbound deposits all your money into your bank account so I suppose you could make a case there.

Sequel Quality

Yo, Googie, what hangs? How goes the fizzle? And a multitude of other things that DON'T MAKE SENSE. Anyway, I'm seriously looking forward to FF XII. I think it's gonna kick. Know why? Look at the track record: FF1 was good. 2 was a bit weird, what with the new stat system, and 3, which introduced the beloved job system, was great. 4 was good, 5 was a bit whack, and six was a masterpice. This pattern happens with every three FF games, one good, one weird, and one great. If you'd like, substitute "Different" for weird of whack. Now, after an online FF game, the weirdest thing Square has done since releasing SaGa games in America, XII should totally Ronk! And not just a little Ronk, but a big Ronk. My two qualms are that X-2 screwed up the pattern, and that Square is too concerned with the female form lately, and not enough with the actual game. What do you think about these issues? And do you think Superstar Saga is better than the original Mario RPG?

That pattern of FF games doesn't really hold up, matters of taste aside. FF5 didn't try anything weird at all, but it could be argued that 6 did with the whole Esper system. I can say with confidence though that if FF12 tries new things which work out well, and doesn't screw up any aspect of the game, it will be good.

Moving on to the Mario games before people stop and notice how empty of a statement that was, I haven't had a chance to play Mario and Luigi yet, but I gather it's closer to Paper Mario than it is to SMRPG, and I liked PM a good deal more than I liked SMRPG.

Flame Crest

Greetings Google,

I've been working my way through Fire Emblem recently, but I'm stuck in chapter 26 right now and there aren't any turn-by-turn FAQs that go that far. I want to save Jaffar before the enemy slaughters him, but I can never get there in time. Is there any particular strategy that works well in this battle, or does it depend solely on luck and AI intelligence? Out of about 10 tries I've only gotten to Jaffar once, but then Rath died so I had to start the battle over.

-Molkar, Lord of the Black Flame

Hmmm... to be quite honest, the whole game is running together for me a bit, but if it's a matter of needing to talk to someone with a particular character and then pull'em both out of harms way, sometimes it really pays off to have a string of units with horses across the map and use the Rescue command to relay people over.

I kept rooting for the orcs.

Since you mentioned LoTR:RoTK, have you seen it? Personally, i thought it was fantastic. They did pretty much everything I had hoped they would, in spite of what they had to leave out.

But onto games...the more I hear about FFXII the more I think it's going to be great. In spite of what Vaan may look like, I have faith. Oh, and have you been to the music there really sounds reminscent of Star Wars. (i think you have to actually skip the intro to hear this music, or reload it a few times). that's all from me
take care

I saw Return of the King yeah. Having been quite a while, I'd completely forgotten what they did after getting that there broken sword. As far as FF12 goes though, like I hinted at earlier, I need a lot more information to go on before I can form an opinion of a game than what's out there.


Je suis tres grande domme de terre!!! Mange dousson avec mo!!!!

Your french needs an awful lot of work there Mr. Giant Potato.

The Last Laugh:

This is a really spiffy CD. Really spiffy.

Googleshng "Baby Weegee, numba... not one."

Chain chomps amuse me.

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