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Googleshng - December 16 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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Chronfusion. Hey! Away with you Pun Fairy!

The other day I was snooping around the Anime Wallpapers site and came across a wallpaper for an anime series "Chrono Crusade." The logo placed on the paper greatly resembles that of Squaresoft's "Chrono- -" series (and obvious references being a clock in one C of the logo and a cross in the other C). Can anyone explain what this is all about? Thanks!


Wasn't there a weird Chrono Trigger side story released on a subscription SNES service in Japan only? Other than that and the two games, I don't know anything about a Chrono themed anime...

The only thing that logo has in common with Chrono Trigger is the clock in the C, which isn't much, considering how Chrono more or less means "pertaining to time." So yeah. No connection whatsoever, except that the series in question has fair odds of involving time travel.

More on long running series.

::Emerges via a cool looking CG::

Googleshng! And Zucot, too...

In response to the letter about RPG series with a gazillion games to the name (Dragon Warrior, Resident Evil, and of course, Final Fantasy), you'd have to realize that these series have developed a reputation for success. While the games may not be consistently good (FF2j and 8 were AWFUL), they do produce a good percentage of great games. After all, they wouldn't have been around as long if they didn't.

Having said that, you can't blame the publishers for milking the series for all its worth. I enjoy Xenosaga, and both my brother and I eagerly await the second installment. And for those who disliked it, there's good news on that: It will eventually END. In all honesty, it's nice to know that Namco will probably only make six, rather than blow it into two dozen poorly-thought out spin-offs, though it's still possible, and still too early to tell.

Bottom line, it's always quality over quality.

95% Fat-free summon

Congrats NeoCarbuncle, you're the second person to spell "Zucot" right. Have some of these that I stole from Googleshng ~~~~~~

As for your letter, I think it's funnny that you say publishers are milking the FF / DW series. Up until very recently, alll Square games were published by Electronic Arts (outside of Japan.) I highly doubt EA had any say in the content of the games. When a franchise becomes as big as FF or DW, the development house has a lot of leadway with the content of the games themselves, and publishers tend to leave things alone. Now in the case of Xenosaga (which I wouldn't call a franchise) the publisher probably has final say over most of the game content. Now if Xenosaga really takes off, do you think that Namco would let it end after the initial X number of games they had planned for? Money rules the world my friend.

Uh, no Zu. EA and Square were co-publishing eachother's games for a while there, and the Japanese publisher is the one which controls the flow of sequels in any event. In any case, the point still stands that if Xenosaga does well enough, 10 years from now we may see Namco releasing Xenosaga Online, Xenosaga Legends, Xenosaga 0...



I think you're swell.




Zucot:Looks like old googley moogley has a fan.

::Zucot weeps::

Nobody loves me.
Google:How do you know that wasn't to you?

The Last Laugh:

Google: But what happened to Zucot's intro and closing? Or the other letters people sent in today? Find out in... The Mystery of the Malfunctioning Mail Server!

Googleshng "Technical problems suck."

Aye. That they do.

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