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Googleshng - December 15 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wait. Not fight. Restore. There's nothing like a 12 hour blackout to throw off a schedule. I must say, a world without electricity would suck for me quite a bit.

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Hi Google,

I was just wondering about your comment in yesterday's column about the real examples of homo/bisexuality in video games.

I can only think of Gremio. He did seem a little egar to please the "young master" didn't he. Hehe. All the same, I don't think he was actually ment to be gay, but I always sort of, like most people, thought he was.

But other than him, I can't think of anyone.

Vaan from Final Fantasy XII looks the part, but I'm assuming him and Ashe are going to be love interests.

And what do you think about Final Fantasy X-2? I have to admit, I love it. I'm on my second way through, since I only got 87% the first time, and missed the Mascot (I think I didn't talk to one person or something and missed one episode complete...). Which brings me to my one point I dislike about the game. It's wonderful that it's so open ended (minus Story Level 4...really, all those comm sphere viewings?) but, in the grand scheme of it all, if you didn't have a guide, I really don't see many people getting everything in the game. Some of the things you have to do (like say, hitting X a hundred times in the farplane) are things that, I don't think many people would think about.

Well I don't usually tend to be in an area of the game and think "I should mash X now!" Maybe this is just me.

Here's a tip for anyone going through on NEW GAME + (why oh why didn't they let you keep levels...) go through with all the girls as Lady Lucks! (Double EXP and Critical Hit), the second time through will fly.

Stevie (wow that's a long letter, feel free to cut it to interesting parts)

I'd have a bunch of examples for you if I could remember their names, but for now you'll just have to settle for over half the population of Wall Market from FF7.

As for FF10-2, "Me like job system."

Ego Trippery

Hey Google,

I would love to see a RPG that is like Tony hawk underground. How you can put yourself in the game instead of some lame characters you could care less about. Do you think there will ever be a game like that?


A strong case can be made for the many many many games which are from first person. As far as having an RPG which lets you customize the appearence of your character to the extent of, say, a wrestling game, a lot of PC RPGs are getting close to it, particularly MMORPGs, but there's still a good deal of a gap there.

More on series ending.

Hey Goog,

Yesterday you talked about how the Final Fantasy series wouldn't end until it stopped making money. Well, when/if that ever happens it seems it would be pretty easy since none of the titles are really related, but what other series like Resident Evil? As a developer/publisher, with a top-selling series where all of the games are directly related, do you pump out the sequels until the money is no longer there and then wrap up the story or do you stick to a plan of some sort to only make X number of games and then make spin-offs, new series, etc.? What would you do?

Also, what are your favorite games to play when you just want to relax and calm your nerves?


Well Resident Evil isn't a particularly good example here, since Capcom is all about making dozens of sequels to everything, but theoretically, the only time you're ever going to see a successful series end is when the developer starts off with some grand idealistic vision of a trilogy of games they plan to make and then stop. Of course, even then the publisher will likely take the rights to it and have some other developer keep milking it for all its worth, which is why Phantasy Star Online exists. That and a lot of remakes.

As for what games I play to relax, whatever's new as a general rule.

Zombies and Chocobos

Is the George Romero trilogy the one with 'Day of the Dead', 'Dawn of the Dead', 'Afternoon of the Dead', and 'A Little Past Luncheon, But Shortly Before Tea-Time of the Dead'? Anyways, question still applies. What do you think about the new Dawn of the Dead remake coming out in a few months?

Yes, that trilogy. Anyway, I would be fairly interested in seeing a remake of Dawn, just to see it with, you know, decent looking zombies. 1975 wasn't exactly a good year for makeup artists it would seem.

And since everyone seems to need to post RPG-related stuff (stupid mindless follower types), I heard that FFXII (That's Eff-Eff-Ecks-Aye-Aye for all your fanboys) is going to be the last one in the series. I mean, I doubt it, but does that rumor strike a chord of remembery?

I seem to recall that they started working on FF13 over a year ago, so I wouldn't put much stock into rumors like that.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow Zucot should be here again. Someone already offered a game up for him, so no need to worry about that. Just make sure to send in plenty of questions.

Googleshng "He-o Ah Buhuh"

I like Bub. That's a given though.

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