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Googleshng - December 14 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Days like this, I wish I had a sturdier roof. There's this fun little mix of snow sleet and rain out there, and entirely too much of it is making its way in here. On the brighter side of things though, last night I saw George Romero's zombie trilogy for the first time.

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Never going to happen.

Doesn't really have anything to do with FFX-2 or 12, but the other day my roommate and I were talking about what would happen if S-E decided to make the FINAL Fantasy. We joked that it would have to be this crazy long game (like 200+ hours) but the more we joked about it, the more the idea became interesting. While the practicallity of making such a game is low, I was curious about what you and anyone else would think about a FINAL Fantasy.

-- Kalledon --

Well, when a publisher has a real cash cow of a series, they don't go and put an end to it for artistic reasons, just financial ones. So, the FF series will continue until people stop buying them. That said, the last game ever made for the series will, in all likelyhood, be the complete opposite of the second to last one, trying various cheap gimmicks to try and sucker players in.

I wouldn't expect to see such a game for quite a while though.


i am very familiar with the game xenosaga but what i like to know is what does Der Wille zur Machr mean?

The Will to Power.

Fun with tollerance

Why are there very few openly homosexual relationships / characters? I mean, sure, we have Glyde who wants Teasel, and the one dude from Phantasy Star 2 who teaches you the Musik tech, and Kuja, that spiffy genome *-*. But anyway, we of the gay / bi community need equal representation in the RPG WORLD!...But I doubt it'll happen anytime soon. Oh well, I'll always have me fanfiction^^

You know, there's actually a fair number of real examples you could have gone with, but I'm surprised to see you left Gremio off that list.

The Last Laugh:

Night of the Living Dead is way ahead of its time in a lot of ways.

Googleshng "Domesticated zombie funny."

Funny and cute.

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