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Googleshng - December 13 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

How did this stuff come about anyway? Was someone just trying to get as close to a dessert as they could while not getting funny looks for drinking it or what?

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Which Gaea?

I have a few questions on disgaea... First, can you explain the difference between star magic and the regular elemental magics? Secondly, what is the best way to level up weak characters (like level 1s) without using the item world?

Well, star magic isn't effected by elemental strengths and weaknesses, which honestly doesn't justify the higher MP costs if you ask me, but it's useful in a few instances.

As for how to level people up quick, I've never had much problem there to be quite honest. Make sure everyone has decent equipment and that you only get experience on for killing blows, and people tend to catch up pretty darn quick. If you need more than that though, just go to one of the really good character building maps and set up all your wimps around the person who created them and have him attack, so there's a good chance of a team attack which splits up the EXP.

Or you can just wait until you're on a map where you're going to get a massive EXP bonus just for finishing, pull your wimps out, and stash'em in the corners.

Kind of bored indeed!

I was kind of bored, so started to watch the Xenosaga Episode II trailer again, and I noticed the quote at the beginning. When I first watched the trailer I saw that the quote was from Nietzsche because his name is in katakana rather than the somewhat obscure kanji that make up most of the quote, but I never actually figured out what the quote meant. This time I spent some time looking up what the kanji meant, and then tried to find the English version of the quote. It turns out that it's the 153rd. epigram from his book Beyond Good and Evil: "Whatever is done from love always occurs beyond good and evil." I thought that might be interesting to share. I wonder who the quote is supposed to refer to. Albedo? I wonder if it refers to whatever presumably dastardly plans he has. The "from love" part seems perversely fitting with him. Rubedo? Whatever he did back in the Miltian Conflict that's highlighted in both trailers? Jin? He seems the philosophical type and we don't know much about his past. I wonder.

I also noticed that the Japanese translation of the phrase "beyond good and evil" is translated as something like "equinoctial week of good and evil." Apparently equinoctial week is some sort of Buddhist festival. Does anybody know anything about that or how it would be an equivalent of "beyond?" Maybe it's about transcending good and evil like Nietzsche's philosophy is. That would make sense as from reading Der Antichrist the guy seemed to admire Buddhism and considered its ideals to be similar to his.

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Zounds. That's an impressive bit of research there. Don't see much I can add to be honest, but I'm sure you'll few the rampant speculation of others quite well with that there observation.

It's odd how oftem people ask this stuff.


What to play first - Sword of Mana, Golden Sun 2, or Final Fantasy Tactics Advance?


Well, I suppose that depends on whether you're in the mood for an Action/RPG, a regular RPG, or a TRPG.

Odd concept.

I heard a rumor that Working Designs might be bringing over some of the Dating Simulation games from Japan... my only fear with that would be all the extras they would try to put in. *shudder*

I'm not a fan of perpetuating rumors, but I've been saying for years that WD could probably do a great job with something like the Sakura Wars series. Same would likely hold true for a dating sim.

The Last Laugh:

Stuffed cabbage soup is good.

Googleshng "Most things involving cabbage really."

Except those there kids. Plastic tastes nasty.

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