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Googleshng - December 9 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Someone distracted me with some fish related flash game so I am very tired. Here is Zucot. Watch him call FF6 FF3 and confuse me for several seconds.

Zucot: What's up boys n girls! I suppose I'm supposed to say something about myself in this space. My names Zucot, no I don't know what a Zucot is. I've played pretty much every console RPG since the SNES days, except Arcana of course. My favorite RPG of all time would have to be FF3, though I can see why some people aren't too thrilled with the Esper system. I also work in the game industry, on a title I won't mention. It's not an RPG anyway. I also like to wear pants. That should be all you need to know, now on with the questions.

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I still can't get used to hearing "Square Enix"

Although my vote goes for "FF-Ecks-Two," the true, (at least official) answer to the Final Fantasy pronunciation conundrum lies in the...umm...interesting...television commercials for FFX-2. According to the announcer person it is "Final Fantasy Ten Two," and that, is that. Surely this doesn't prove anything, but I'd like to believe that I'm the first to point it out.

-Psychedelic Houseplant

While I tend to agree with our friendly neighborhood Psychedelic Houseplant's opinion on the pronounciation of FF X-2, I fail to see where the big hoopla is coming from about this. Everyone arguing about how the title should be pronounced could better spend their time playing the game...I mean, what's in a title anyway? This prompts an interesting (or maybe not so interesting) question - does the title of the game even matter?

Opinion doesn't really enter into it. When you see "Final Fantasy X" you pronounce that "Final Fantasy Ten." Ergo, the sequel to Final Fantasy X is "Final Fantasy Ten Two" (or Final Fantasy 11, but let's not split hairs). You can't have a "Final Fantasy Ecks Two" without a "Final Fantasy Ecks," and it can be proven that we don't have a "Final Fantasy Ecks" because otherwise there'd be a hole in the numbering.

More importantly, Square Enix says so nyah.

On the subject of names, there's no apostrophie in Ys.

Hey, googly moogly. Two quickies that are musts.........please

1) Any word on if the rerelease of FF Chronicles and Anthology will have quicker load up times as it seemed to have attracted bad reviews by gamers? The loading was ridiculous in between battles, man.

1) They're rereleasing FF Chronicles and Anthology? News to me. And typically, a "rerelease" leads to nothing but another pressing of the game. Square Enix would most likely make it a point to market the fact that they've improved these bundles. 'Sides, when these compilations first came out, the old SNES carts were suddenly cheap(er.) If you really can't deal with the load time, it shouldn't be too hard (or expensive) to find an original copy somewhere...

The only difference between a Greatest Hits release and the original release is that ugly green bar on the side of the case, so yeah, the load times will be just as nasty.

2) Y's in North america? Wow! This new game looks incredible. Only Y's I played was the Super Nes one which was a sucky side scroller. Why would they even bother to publish that crap overseas. The guys sword would only go so far from him causing you to touch the enemy and die. Any word on the consoles their planning to put this on? Cant picture this game on U.S. PC. Look how FF and Silver bombed.

2)I remember that y's game...never played it, but I saw it in action and wasn't too impressed. But for back in it's time, I'm sure some people enjoyed it. Seriously, there were some crappy games back then that people still played, like stinger...or wrath of the black manta...and who could forget the mcdonalds kids game...or uh...well you catch my drift.

There have actually been plenty of Ys games released in North America. I agree yon SNES one wasn't too great though. Nor was the original, back when it was released for the SMS. Not a fan of the series in general now that I stop and think about it, although I know a lot of people who worship them. In any case though, all the information we have is in yon news stories.



Another fine day it is, and welcome Zucot. You know, I've been thinking..with the holidays aroud the corner.. (god, this letter is starting to sound very familiar) I've been thinking about what I'm going to get you. The gift, you ask? *insert ninjas jumping out of a closet, grabbing an undisclosed figure, and exiting with him/her tied up* You'll have to wait, of course..I wouldn't want to ruin the suprise! ^_^ Still loving FFX-2 a lot! Ya know the quote, "Now You're Playing With Power"? That would be in the description of the Berserker dressphere. I'm probably late with it, but oh well. That's it for now.

You're special today,

O' Shrouded One

Thank you for the welcome. And you even spelled "Zucot" right. Wasn't the "now you're playing with power" line used in Mario and Luigi? I believe it was...perhaps when SPOILER

you reach the point in the game where you get your fire / lightning glove powers.


... you're giving me a hermaphrodite for Christmas? Anyway, you're wrong on that quote, but Zucot has it right. Here, have a tilde. ~

It sure is spiky.

One time, we had this cat that would attack you for no reason. We'd just be playing with it and it would be all happy and then BAM! You had four or five gashes on your arm. This cat also liked to watch Westerns. It disappeared a few years ago...spooky.

And I actually have a question in here - I've heard you get Paine's Special Dressphere from Trommel, but I don't know if that's true. I'd really enjoy having hers, because it would make the fight against this one eeeevil Behemoth in the Thunder Plains that much shorter (Don't know how much good it'd do though...considering it likes to kill Rikku and Yuna's Special Dresspheres). That and if it's with Trommel I want to liberate it as quickly as possible, for Trommel is scary and gives me nightmares. So if you can give me any help there, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and to the guy whose girlfriend got Kingdom Hearts because it's got Sephiroth in it - I pretty much got it for the same reason. ^.^ Sorry to add to your heart trouble.

Sephira Netzach
Frozen in Sunny California

Ahhhh another Californian. Since I don't know anything about FFX-2 yet, other than the proper way to pronounce it's title, I can't really help you. Perhaps I'll finally get around to playing my copy of FFX-2 during the holiday break. Until then - remember your pants. Please.

I distinctly recall getting said sphere in the woods, and yeah, it was probably from talking to Trommel, or on the ground after talking to him. Don't think it'll help you much though. I'd just bring along some good fighters and an alchemist.

Odd Concept

Well duh, that's because there aren't any enjoyable paths through PS3!

Besides, someone like Rhys should have never ever ever breed. Anyway, is it too much to ask for a traditional-style Ogre Battle RPG?

Shame on you for using "PS3" as an abbreviation. Espeically since I'm not a huge Phantasy Star fan and was fathoming the upcoming console, trying to figure out what the heck you were talking about. A traditional style Ogre Battle rpg you say? That depends on what you mean by "traditional." Besides that, the Ogre Battle series has had more success with the "Tactics Ogre" games. I'd much rather see a new Lufia game (on a console this time) or maybe even a sequel to Brigandine. (That ones for you Ryder.)

So what? Your standard turn based, plot heavy, party of 3-5 characters wandering around sort of game, set in the Ogre Battle world? That'd be kinda odd really.

I asked for it, part 1.

Yeah! Woo! Disgaea forever! Woo- oh wait. You didn't actually have a question about it, and it's been out for quite some time now. So yeah, it goes on the old site with my little system. Nothing wrong with that though. Lots of games are old and still question worthy. For example, I don't think anyone has ever asked me what was the most enjoyable path through Phantasy Star 3, or what I think of Arcana."

What's the most enjoyable path through Phantasy Star III? And I'm actually not only asking to be a devout Phanatic, I'd be interested to hear the opinion of a well-respected RPG columnist such as yourself.

Celtic Whisper

PS3 (so I stole the very thing I complained about eariler, sue me) is the only game included with the PS Collection that I have yet to play. I'll have to go with whatever googleshng reccomends on this one.

I don't entirely disagree with that last letter, but I personally prefer Lena-Laya. The other 2nd generation is a much less enjoyable experience I find, particularly since you have all the legwork crammed into the 3rd that way, to say nothing of the bad marriage options. Going with Laya is really just to get some variety in your final party though.

I asked for it, part 2.

So what DO you think of Arcana? I always liked it. But I always rented it. And so I'd get to, like, the second island, (and this is back when my video store only rented things for 72 hours) and something would come up and I wouldn't get back to it, and when I finally did, someone had erased my game. Happened about 4 times.

Arcana...I read through a strategy guide for that when it came out, and decided I didn't need to play it. Metal Warriors was a cool SNES game though. (Non RPG)

That's... honestly eerily similar to my own experiences with the game. Pretty much exactly in fact. More recently though, I somehow aquired a used copy which is... well, gathering dust. It has some interesting concepts though, like how you have to keep all your human characters alive, and the fact that it's a plot heavy first person dungeon crawling affair.

Beauty is in it. Oh, and death rays.

Why, oh God why, are they rereleasing Eye of the Beholder. It was the worst SMURFing game I've ever had the misfortune of SMURFing playing on the entire SNES! And I believe firmly that it is the worst use of the D&D license. Ever. Including hte movie?

I mean, the name kicked ass. But why did they SMURFing waste such a cool official pun on such a lousy game?!


May the SMURF be with you.

Hahahahaha I remember that game...and boy I wish you hadn't driven it's name into my brain. Worse yet, you remind me of the horrid movie that I....PAID TO SEE. I feel shame. I must drink now, drink to forget the 16 bit pile of dog poo that is Eye of the Beholder.

This reminds me of a conversation I ended up having with someone upon the release of a sourcebook that evidently has rules for half-beholder characters, but I just remembered it was Silk here, so it'd be strange to delve into it in this reply.

The Last Laugh:

Zucot: Well well well, so ends my first day as a guest host. Thanks to Googleshng for making this possible, and Surlaw for asking for a game that I was glad to give away. Until next time, remember these two things:

1 - FF X 2, FF Ten 2, FF Electric Boogaloo, they could call it "Square and Enix present: Crap in a box" and people would still buy it. (Look at Chrono Cross...kidding, kidding.)
2 - There is no Z in team.
3 - I lied, I had three things to say. Do yourself a favor and go pick up Mario and Luigi, or maybe even Sayuki. You'll thank yourself for it.

Google: It is very very cold in here. Must gather blankets.

Googleshng "brrr"

Turtlenecks suck.

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