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Googleshng - December 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

That is to say, I'm writing this column in the middle of a blizzard. A weather condition incidently which makes one of my cats love to play outside, and another cat of mine want to open major arteries. I'm not bleeding too badly though, so on with the column!

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On a related note, it makes my skin crawl when people say "RPG Gamer."

Hey Google,

Got to say, I couldn't care less about people calling FFX-2 "Ecks" 2 or ten 2. What drives me nuts is the people who call it FF12....URGE TO KILL RISING...And yes, I hear it all the time.


That must get really confusing. Particularly considering how people seem to be talking about FF12 quite a bit lately.

Stealing my thoughts they is!


Although I like Penny Arcade way better, I still regularly read PvP. Well, check out today's script.

Creepy, ain't it? Its always wierd when someone tries to come up with a ridiculous scenario and you've actually DONE it before.


There's a lot of instances in my life where I seem to be filling the role of wacky neighbor in some fashion. Anyway though, as I mentioned in this here rant that notion is lifted from an actual game of mine which I'm planning to run a public demo of this February at Noncon. Wouldn't say it's creepy really. When you mention a concept in a public forum, a year is really a long wait for it to drift around and come back to you.

No body e-mails bad!

Subject: How to use the special dress sphere in FF-X 2?

I assume you meant to ask "How do you use the special dresspheres in FFX-2?" Just switch to all the normal ones you have equipped on your grid, then bring it up again, and hit R1 to activate the special one.

This should really go in the quickies.

I'm thinking of legally changing my name. What do you think of Sephiroth McMoogle?


I think it's rather unoriginal.

This is really a question for an FAQ.

Yeah hi^-^ i cant get any better ending than the bad ending...Am i doing anything wrong?

Uh, presumably yes. Not knowing what you ARE doing however, I can't really explain what it is you're forgetting.

The Last Laugh:

Oddly enough, this room here is actually warmer when it's snowing. Nature's insulation and all that.

Googleshng "I take half damage from cold."

Double damage from heat though.

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