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Googleshng - December 2 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

One last week of Surlaw here. Enjoy his plugging of many links.

Surlaw: Right now, I am struggling to get over an internal sickness and the devastating blow that my heart felt when Dusto Bunny was cheated out of a win against Dr. Cube at the Brooklyn Double Danger. The heros will have their revenge on New Year's Eve. Also, this comic and this flash movie are the greatest things in the history of the internet.

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hi Google (and Surlaw),

Just wanted to say with Bart and Margie that it freaked me out a little that everyone wanted them to marry in Xenogears. But then I remembered that historicaly royalty have this habit of refering to everyone who is the least bit related to them as "cousin," no matter how far the distance. 'Course, royalty also have this habit of inbreeding, so....

Nothing wrong with a little cousin loving.

I'm slightly disturbed that this is becoming an ongoing topic.

Question (which is largely asking for an opinion from you!): How far do they have to change a game for it to be a plausible remake, and not just a port? I'm asking because although I have Final Fantasy Adventure for Game Boy, I'm wondering if the new remake is different enough to warrant getting it? (Also I didn't like the first Wild Arms, but I did like the third one, and I understand the remake will be more along those lines.)

A port is simply moving a game from one system to another, and may or may not include some changes to the content. A remake is taking a game and completely changing some aspect of it, whether it be the game's graphics, story, structure, etc.

You need to change more than just graphics in my book. If we're going by what you have to do before you can SAY it's a remake thogh, evidently it doesn't take anything at all. I've also seen gun games labelled as RPGs. Gotta love them marketting folks.

I guess this is two questions, that first one, and Is it worth getting Sword of Mana if I already have FFA? Thanks, and Later!

The graphics and music are all completely new, the story has been redone, and the gameplay has evolved. It's about as different from FFA as it can be, even if it follows the same basic formula, so having already played FFA won't make Sword of Mana any less enjoyable. Also, someone liking WA3, but not the original WA, makes me die inside.

That is a rather odd opinion to have yeah. They really aren't that different. In any case though, Surlaw answered your SoM question as well as anyone could be expected to really, so let's move on.


Google and Surlaw,

I found the same problem with S.R. People, (okay the two out of the other 3 that play Final Fantasy) keep on calling it "Ecks-two" also. Now, I don't correct them, but if there's something else about it we're talking about, I refer to it as "ten-two". By doing this, I hope that they catch on without me screaming that they're saying it wrong. Although I do like proving myself right from time to time. Anyways, continuing on with more facts from this recent column... I haven't heard Paine's G.I. Joe quote or the FFVII one, but I did catch a reference from FFVIII. When Yuna is a songstress, she will randomly say, "Hey, eyes on me", if chosen to sing, thus possibly refering to FFVIII's theme song. To Surlaw, we'll miss you. You've done a great job at guest hosting, and I hope you enjoy Guilty Gear. ;_; Carry onward, my friend.

See, the Trainer class is GREAT!,

O' Shrouded One

I'm not too bothered by what people want to call FFX-2. Having lived through the hell of hearing people refer to Mega Man X as "Mega Man Ten" kind of desensitized me.

These please me, yet the cultural references in the WD translation of Lunar made me die. I mean, they both refer to things that make me sick (FF8 in the example you gave, and Wheaties in the case of Lunar), yet everything I've seen of FF10-2 makes me laugh. I don't get it either. Maybe it's because Working Designs likes cramming their humor down your throat far more than Square does. Seriously, Vanguard Bandits owns my soul, but it would have been infinitely better without Fiery Red Haired Girl shouting about PMS during battle. Or, maybe I'm just bitter towards WD because I was stupid enough to buy the Arc the Lad collection. Anyone want to take that one off my hands? Interesting trades considered.

Thank you. Visit the forum for your daily dose of all that is Surlaw. Unfortunately, the server is a bit dead as of the time I'm writing this.

I find it odd how a two second flash of text can bother you so much there Surlaw, but while we're on this subject here, I still have friends who insist that Mega Man X is Mega Man 10. You'd figure the fact that they were only up to 6 when it came out would be enough, or that there's an Mega Man X 2 but no Mega Man X 1.

It continues.

About that Brother hitting on Yuna thing.

First of all, Brother is obviously a redneck. Look at the poor slop. S-E isn't promoting incest so much as attempting to accurately portray stereotypes.

Also, cousins are legally allowed to marry in Japan, hence the incest issue isn't an issue at all.

According to this bundle of joy, it's also legal in many parts of the US. Not that such a thing is of interest to me. Of course not. I've so totally never been attracted to my hot hot cousins.

Marrying your cousin isn't the definition of incest, but I believe both are legal in most countries. The issue is more genetics than anything else quite frankly. Again though, this is a strange topic to be on.

Didn't we cover this yesterday?

I remember that was the Nintendo Entertainment System's tag line in the late 80's.

I turn 22 in 21 days. How sad is that?

Bucket Mouse

My favorite quote is, "Wait a minute, we can't stop here. This is Bat Country." Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with RPGs or videogames at all, so it will never appear as a quote on this site.

No tildes unless you can name an RPG containing this quote.

Like this guy.

hey google, isnt the quote from mario and luigi?

Yes. ~

The Last Laugh:

Surlaw: It's been fun. Be sure to visit The Surlaw. It received record traffic last week as a result of this column, yet none of you registered for the Surlaw Forum and only about five of you downloaded the games. I expect this dilemma to be remedied as soon as possible. As I said earlier, I am looking to get rid of my Arc the Lad collection, as it was one of the least enjoyable series of games I have ever played. Send me an e-mail and we'll talk business. The only games that have been played are Arc 1 and 2, and they are both in good shape, as I'm not stupid enough to allow my CDs to be seriously wounded. Good luck to all of you.

Google: Next week, Surlaw will be giving way to Zucot. More on that next week though. Have a good... uh... wow. I just realized how totally screwed up my definition of weekend is these days.

Googleshng "Being in the middle of the week and all."

That's 100 monkey points!

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