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Googleshng - December 1 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Isn't the metric system fun?

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Family Tree Fun

Hey Google,

I'm playing FF X-2 right now, and loving it. Make's me wish I could keep it. I only rented it, and I have no money... That aside, something about the game is bothering me, namely how Brother is constantly hitting on his own cousin, Yuna. I mean, come on, is S-E premoting incest now? He's really freaking me out. But I can't complain to much, the game is very fun...

-Murdoc the Mad
"Do we need a password? How about 'Kick-its-ass?'"

It's been a while since I've played FF10, and I don't really recall any stated relations between people past Yuna Rikku and Cid. You sure that one's over the incest line though? I think you're safe past first cousin.

That wouldn't be the first time it came up though. Look at Xenogears, where everyone wants Bart and Margie to get together.

Fun with Nomenclature

Hey Googleshng,

Do you have any idea why people say "Final Fantasy Ecks Two" instead of "Final Fantasy Ten Two"? Everyone I know who says X (the letter X)-2 has had some experience with Final Fantasy X and they said the name for that game right. Also, do you have any ideas for nice ways to correct them without insulting their intelligence...or ignorance?
Oh, and did you notice the reference made to Final Fantasy VII?

- S.R.

I could see saying "ten dash two" maybe, but yeah, that X is "ten" no matter how you slice it. It's honestly a rather stupid title to begin with. They should have just gone with a subtitle. You know, "Final Fantasy X: All Girl Cosplay Jamboree" or something like that.

As far as FF7 reference spotting, I haven't been paying much attention since I first heard the G.I. Joe quote when Paine uses scan. That amuses me far too much.


It's 12:40 AM! I have to commute to college in four hours! And it's time to fill in the first word that enters my head!

Noun = cookie!

verb = run

verb = expostulate

verb = vacuum

day = Woden's Day

quote = "'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"

non sequitur = There's a thug beating a tire iron with an old lady!

hey, you're the one who started all this. Don't blame me. I'm just half-asleep.

cha cha cha,

- andrew

(not duff or long)

It struck me that aside from accidently saying verb at the end there (blame hearing people in Japan saying "I want to play running." "I want to play skiing."), that really was a lousy mad lib. Breaks too easily.


Hey Goog,

Not sure if I'm too late to get it, but the new quote is obvious to anybody born before 1985...that's Nintendo's old tagline they put in all their commercials. Are you counting on the majority of your readers being under the age of 20 or something? :)

Robust Stu

Gold Reviewer/Swell Guy

You realize of course that those title bar quotes are all pulled from RPGs, so unless you went up a level one day while reading old Nintendo Powers, no tilde for you.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow, Surlaw will be guest hosting one last time, before handing the reigns over to He Who Gave Him Guilty Gear. So, give him a nice sendoff all.

Googleshng "Go Klepto-Monkey Go!"

I REALLY love that quote there.

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