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Googleshng - November 30 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Commercials, no matter how infrequently viewed, never leave my brain. Such is my curse.

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A rose bla bla bla...

Hola Goog,

I donŐt want spoilers, just a yes or no answer. In Final Fantasy X-2, is Tidus ever referred to by name? You know, by the voice actors?

Conor Edmiston, who one day dreams of becoming a blitzball

No, for the same reason he isn't in FF10. His name isn't fixed. Also, that's an odd dream there.

Playing Dress Up

Dearest Googlie,

With winter around the corner, that means more time for games. FFX-2 has grabbed me at this very moment, I cannot put it down. Great music, awesome voice-acting, and the mission stlye gameplay is greatness. Speaking of which, which dressphere do you like the most? I find the trainers to be very addicting. Gotta love Yojimbo's dog. ^_^ Anyways, with the holiday season upon us, I decided to give up capturing you for the holidays, Google. So, no more cage for a while. Don't worry, after New Year's, I'll have your cage waiting. It'll be nice and shiny too!

Until the next dusk, my friend,

O' Shrouded One

Well, aside from the obvious Mascot, I think I'd have to go with Alchemist on that one. There's a lot to be said for free HP/MP restoration.

Pushing Those Band Geeks Around

the elevator puzzle that you mentioned in your 11.29 column requires that you push them all into the elevator, shortest to tallest (as you said). the catch, however, is that you have to stick in tobli first if you want the accessory you receive for doing so (it gives you break HP limit, judge for yourself whether or not it's worth it.)

before sticking any other musicians into the elevator, trap tobli between yourself and a wall by walking at him from the northeast. make your way towards the elevator making sure that tobli can't a) slip out between you and the wall or b) slip out to the right. this is an exercise in frustration, but if you try enough you'll get it.

a tip is to use baby steps while pushing tobli in; if you get too far from or close to the wall just tap the analog stick in the right direction. the rest of the musicians are pretty straightforward - if you don't mess them up in your attempt to get tobli into the shaft you should be able to just stand behind the eagle guy and run them all in.

hope this helps.

-white lights

Of course, depending what you do, Tobli might not be there to begin with.

Failed Gimmicks

Dear Googleshng,

I have a Pocketstation that I had imported and would like to know if you have a list of the games that have Pocketstation mini-games in English?


Kewl Programs

The only games I can think of that actually used that were a few of the latter Square games. FF8 and SaGa Frontier 2 specifically.

The Last Laugh:

OK, uh, mad libs closing.

There's the [noun] for you all. Hope you enjoyed it, now I'm off to [verb], [verb], and play [verb]. See you all [day].

Googleshng "[quote]"

[non sequitur]

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