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Googleshng - November 29 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Leftover gravy becomes solid, like gelatin. I find this to be an excessively disturbing phenominon. Any other Thanksgiving type thoughts are nice and cordoned off in this here rant.

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Hey look it's Mog!

Greetings (Turkeys sing) GOOGLESHNG
How have you been. I have updated the page and coming up soon with a character deathmatch so check that out. Why is it that many fanboys are very rigid? Where you are mocked and insulted if you ever disagree with anything they believe in.
Imperial Mog

I once discussed this issue in great detail here. I think that still holds true more or less. The short form is that people who treat games/movies/TV shows/etc. like a matter of life or death have this tendancy to get the whole "you're either with us or against us" mindset going.

As for the matter of how I have been, well, over the last month or so, I have been at one point or another: Good, lousy, sick, asleep, busy, and bored. I have not been: On fire, dead, pregnant, one with the universe, or drunk. I'd rather not comment on whether I was at any point undead.

Licensed Games

Hello Google,

I am not positive, but I think that SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals is broadband only. I suppose I should be asking a question. I love the anime series The Slayers. I heard that there were some RPGs or something like that made featuring Lina and her friends. I know these games will never reach America, but do you know if they had the characters from the t.v. series or was it that top-heavy bimbo Naga the Serpent? You said you like Engrish, so I have provided some from Megumi Hayashibara. "DonŐt be worry/Painful day like this time is good for you..."


There's half a dozen RPGs based on every anime series you can think of honestly, and for the mostpart, they're all from the same developer. I would assume though that between the various Slayers RPGs, there's games featuring characters from the series, characters from the OAVs, and probably a lot of characters not in either.

Fun with names.

Hi again.

Since you (meaning Andrew, in Friday's column) asked: " Hey Harlock, how is Paine pronounced "Pine" in Japanese and yet "Pain" in the English version. Better yet, how is Gilbert somehow pronounced "Edward" in America? ", here's the answer.

In the Japanese FFX-2, Paine's name is written with the characters "pa", "i" and "n". The way to pronounce each is "pah", "ee" and "nn", respectively. Say it fluidly (as if this was your native language) and you get a sound like "pine". As for why they changed it in the US release to be audibly pronounced Paine, I don't know. Probably just done to suit English convention with that particular arrangement of letters. Either way, "Pain" does sound better than "Pine", I think, but that doesn't change the point that Japanese syllaberie has only objective pronounciation. On a small sidenote, if the Japanese had wanted her name to sound like "pain" in their own dialogue, they would have used the characters "pe", "i" and "nn".

As for Gilbert -> Edward, just chalk it up to American sensibilities at work. Might as well ask why Tina became Terra, why Mash became Sabin and so forth. In other words, this has nothing to do with the Japanese language, just the choice of the translator (in the case of the latter two, Ted Woolsey).

I might add that when FF XII is localized (note that word; *localized*, not just translated), I fully expect Ashe (ah-sheh) to be pronounced as plain old "Ash" (which I feel is also for the best, aesthetically).

- HarlockHero

Here's the thing with names in RPGs. People frequently look to other languages to get their names, since common names are dull. The problem is, the people in question don't generally know that language, and often don't have the proper alphabet to do so even. So things come out all screwy in Japan pretty often, and it often falls on localization teams to try and get the reference back to how it should be. Sometimes they do, sometimes they drop the ball and give us stuff like "Belldandy" and sometimes they totally screw up and we get stuff like "mottletrap" in FFA.


To googleshng,

I just rented FFX-2 and I've played roughly around 10 hours into it and I was having fun. Then I looked in a FAQ and saw everything I've missed. Apparently if you don't travel everywhere in the world before each chapter you will miss out on SOMETHING. So much for thinking all I had to do was go to the 'hotspots'. Now I have to start over, because the thought that I just missed out on the chance of recieving Berserker is too much for me. That is the end of my tale of woe.

And with that i ask you, is there ANY strategy to pushing the litle penguin guy in the elevator, before the part where Yuna sings/dances? I spent a half an hour chasing him, pushing him, but the stupid little bastard keeps running back to the same spot, spinning around like an idiot. I heard you get a good item if you push him in. Help?

There really are entirely too many iritating mini-games in that sucker. Anyway though, at the part I believe you're at, the trick is to shove'em in in increasing order of size, although I don't recall the reward for doing so being that great.

The Last Laugh:

I'm truly disturbed by how many mashed potatos are currently in my fridge. It seems someone really overestimated how many people were coming.

Googleshng "Are you now or have you ever been a zombie?"

I refuse to dignify to these allegations!

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