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Googleshng - November 25 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I need to find someone I can drain life force energy out of. Where's a hyperactive five year old when you need one...

Surlaw: Hello. I am PH, Surlaw, Dinosaur Giant, or whatever else you'd like to call me. I run a website full of totally random nonsense, and have thrown together three RPG type games of my own, downloadable here." Each of them requires the use of the OHR Game Player, which is a free download. If anyone wants to comment on these games, or just wants a place to rant like an idiot without fear of being banned, the Surlaw Forum awaits you. I demand that all of you go there and post, or the terrorists have already won. I enjoy mostly every genre of game, even if I only enjoy a small number of games from certain genres. My list of Favorite Things Ever is as follows; The Big O, Soul Calibur, the Suikoden series, Wes Anderson's movies, the Mario Kart games, and the Kaiju Big Battel. My list of Things That Make Me Die include my computer, Golden Sun, the final fight of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and the amount of time I spent leveling up in Disgaea.

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Dial is an odd word to keep years after ditching the rotary phone.

Hey, I was wondering if Final Fantasy XI supported dial Internet for the PS2 version???

I'm uncertain, but I haven't heard anything about the game being broadband only, so I'm guessing Square is at least going to try to make it accessible to dial-up users. I wouldn't want to use a dial-up connection for any recent online game, though.

I've never heard of a game that actually REQUIRED you to have broadband. Plus even AOL works well enough for your average MMORPG, so it's pretty safe to say you're fine with dial-up yes.

That'd be a weird historical type meeting, but I'd still prefer Samurai and Vikings.

Hello Googleshng! I must say, Venus & Braves looks like a delicious game. It's sad that I will probably never get to play it :-( Any opinions on it?

Mr. Rebbie

Venus & Braves looks beautiful, but I try not to get too excited for a game if it's highly unlikely to be localized. I really do wish someone would pick this title up and translate it, though.

I honestly don't have an opinion on it. Nothing about it really jumps out at me.

Stuff covered yesterday.

I think Teh Village Eldar was referring to the promo Pokemon card with the Swastika expansion symbol. It actually caused quite a commotion.

I'm only a few hours into FFX-2, and for some reason, I've found the game largely underwhelming. After about five minutes of playing, I always end up running to my GBA to play Mario and Luigi. It seems like a good game, but I just can't get into it. Did you have a similar problem at first?

BL Alien

90% of the time that I'd hear about Pokemon in the news, it would be about it being evil. In this case, I remember people crying out about how their child's Golbat card was going to turn them into the next Hitler. I'm not even sure if the image on that card even appeared in the US printing, but I am sure that it wasn't supposed to be a nazi swastika. It was supposed to be that symbol of luck that everyone I've talked to knows more about than I do.

Think the manji bit was covered plenty thoroughly yesterday. Anyway, I don't have much problem playing FF10-2 over M&L, but to be fair, I don't have the option. Still though, it's better than I thought it would be. My only real problem is the absolutely horrible mini-games all over the place. High frustration, low reward. Especially that bit on Besaid with the timed shooting gallery gauntlet run deal. Nice of them to put a 5 minute long unskippable block of dialog before it.

Angr clouds the mind folks. (Abridged version at the bottom)

Why is Square-Enix incapable of making one non-whiny, non-overly feminine main character?

It's a very popular character type. Well, at least you can take comfort in the fact that most Enix games don't have whiny, feminine main characters. Just look at Dragon Warrior. The lead characters can barely be called characters at all.

I'd like to direct your attention to Chrono, Serge, Musashi, whatever the guys' names were in Threads of Fate and Front Mission 3, Bartz, Ramza, just about everyone from the SaGa games, the main character from Secret of Mana, and the main characters from more or less every game from Enix ever.

I mean, let's look at what most gamers consider to be the "best" FF games. Cloud is a hugely angsty character, and cross dresses. Squall is yet more angsty, and has the added bonus of being hugely apathetic to his surroundings. Zidane was a welcome, tail-chasing break, but was far too androgenous (the story explains this, but still). Tidus was an irritating little SMURF. Locke was even worse, but the graphical limitations of the SNES kept his faggotry in check.

Well, I can't comment much here since I agree with most of it. I only found Tidus truly irritating in scenes where he was alone with Yuna, though. I liked the supporting characters enough to somewhat ignore him the rest of the time. I also liked Zidane much more after seeing this.

So by most popular you mean most recent then. Incidently, your comments on Locke there remind me of the sort of person who walks up to guys and says "You have a girlfriend? Pfft, that's so gay!"

Now, they unveil Vann. Vann is like Tidus with less testosterone. He's got a purse for Christ's sake.

There's definitely a large amount of hate for Vann already. I'm wondering why he bothers people so much when no one was bothered by the kid (Hugo, was it?) in Suikoden III. Their outfits and hair are essentially the same, Hugo just had darker skin and was slightly younger.

Condemning anything based on a single piece of concept artwork isn't too smart says I.

Is it too hard for them to make a normal character? If that's the case, at least let me pick my responses, so I can play the ROLE PLAYING GAME how I would play the role.

I don't mind the FF games, in fact, I rather enjoyed most of them. But calling them RPGs is an insult to actual RPGs. The category of Japanese/Japanese flavored "RPGs" is closer to interactive fiction than an RPG, since you have no real control over how the story unfolds. I'm not saying their bad games, I'm saying they aren't RPGs.

Fallout, Knights of the Old Republic, Shadowrun (Genesis), Arcanum, Morrowind, and even though I loathe to acknowledge their exsistance, the Baldur's Gate games are RPGs. You make every choice for the character. Don't like the quest? Don't do it. Don't like the good guys? Join the other side. The jRPGs allow none of this (as far as I've seen, and I've been playing them since I've been playing games).

It seems I've ranted a bit and gotten off topic, but what're your opinions on this?

I'm always up for a good, non-linear game, but I consider both "Japanese RPGs" and "American RPGs" to still be the same genre of game, for one reason. The actions performed in these all of these games are based mainly on mathematical probabilities. Unlike games such as Zelda, where your success in combat depends on your coordination and reaction time, success in these games depends on your stats. I'm not really bothered by the fact that the name "RPG" is kind of dumb to begin with, either.

I'd prefer to use the terms "console RPG" and "PC RPG" here, for the sakes of convention and accuracy. Anyway though, your overall problem here is that your tastes clash with those of the vast majority of console RPG players. People like the bishonen look. People like fairly linear games with fixed plots. If that sort of thing bugs you, just stick to PC stuff.

And now for...


"Why are the main characters in the FF series girly looking angst-piles?"

"Chicks dig it."


Surlaw is Walrus backwards. Did he know that?

- Feep

Surlaw:Yes, I know that. I also know that it's the name of the main character in Walthros. Download Walthros for your daily dose of walrusy goodness.
Google:So where's the namgge?

The Last Laugh:

Surlaw: Visit The Surlaw. Post on the Surlaw Forum. Visit Do these things, and I will be pleased.

Google: Meanwhile, if you want me to be pleased, uh... buy the games I plan to start selling in the near future, go to NonCon, and cure my pneumonia. Honestly just doing one would be fine. Or none even. I'm actually in a fairly good mood as is.

Oh, and someone offered up Guilty Gear for Surlaw for what it's worth.

Googleshng "The Healthy Godstomach"

Gotta love random engrish.

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