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Googleshng - November 24 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When everything seems to be going wrong with your morning, you can always cheer yourself up with a liberal dose of random Tick quotes. Or at least I can.

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Upper lip, slick and hip, pointy on the ends...

Have you played Mario and Luigi yet? It makes some of the greatest innovations to ever touch an RPG, in my opinion.

Mainly the fact that you can actually dodge attacks in a turn based system, and the existence of a moustache statistic.


I haven't had a chance to play M&L yet no. That's one of the bigger downsides to poverty. I fully intend to fix that in the near future though.

The M&L playing that is. Although I suppose I AM just about due for a new crazy money making scheme.

You're the guy who made my head hot! Well I won't let you make my friends' heads hot!

Hey, Slimey
With everybody talking about FFX-2, I feel left behind. I lack the money to purchase all the new games hiting the shelves in the next few weeks, so instead I'm waiting for my winter break when I can get a 20$ blockbuster gameing freedom pass and beat all the games on my backlog. I meant to ask you when FE was the topic: Do you ever let your people die? I reset whenever I lose anyone, and it greatly increases the difficulty level since there's no way to save and restart in the middle of a mission. Also, what influences the ratings the oracle gives you? Survival is obvious, and Funds seems fairly clear, but I've got no clue what the others are supposed to be.

As I think I mentioned a couple days ago, Q&A has topics now? Seriously, if I only accepted questions about particular games on particular days, I think I'd snap. Not a fan of the homogenous inbox over here.

Anyway though, I also refuse to leave people dead in Fire Emblem. I generally make it a point never to leave people dead in any game, regardless of how easy it is to bring'em back to life. It isn't really that hard to pull off in FE though, seeing as the AI isn't particularly agressive.

Anyway though, I would think the little page of statistics would also cover how quickly you finish fights, and presumably how much stuff you kill. You can actually get away with leaving an awful lot of units on the maps if you are so inclined.

Incidently, I have to wonder what it is you've been playing, because I can think of precious few TRPGs that DO let you save mid-battle (not counting of course the myriad games that let you save a suspend file, as FE does that no problem).

I welcome you to share my Cheez Doodles and Machine Urine!


You are correct in stating that the third dungeon in the original Legend of Zelda is not a swastika. The symbol is called the manji, which is clearly stated in the original instruction manual of the original Legend of Zelda. I'm not quite sure what the manji represents, but I recall reading somewhere that it was a Japanese symbol of good luck. The Pokemon Trading Card Game featured a card that had a small manji in the background, and there was public outcry about that. Apparently, people were less stupid (or, more likely, less attentative) in 1986.

M.U. Diogenes

I know some people brought it up, as I recall reading a response to it in an old Nintendo Power or somesuch. Anyway, a few people pointed out the promo card thing, one of whom saying it was a zubat, not an unown for whatever it's worth.

Perhaps not eating people is the first step to making friends.

Hi Google,

Sorry about that just a hi thing I sent, it accidently sent when I was typing, I dunno why. Anyways, I'm just a bit curious, I'm doing a Societies project to see if there's a big connection to video games and alienation, and I wanted to know if you had anything intresting to comment about it. I won't mind if you are too busy to respond, I just thought I'd try.

Love, Everyone's favourite moogle girl; Kilian

Well, it depends on the angle you're going with with this particular paper, but let's try this one. Towards the end of the 90s there, in the wake of some school shootings, a lot of random finger pointing was done in the general direction of the videogame industry, to the extent that shortly before I graduated from highschool, someone announced that the sort of kid most likely to snap and kill everyone around them was the sort who largely kept to themselves, wore dark coats, and played a lot of videogames. So I had a handful of people walking on eggshells around me there.

Then on the other side of the coin, sitting around talking about videogames all the time has also gotten me this job here, where I have quite the abundance of social inclusion.


Hey Google,

Just wanted to know, what does lull mean? And do you really collect human skulls?

-andrew- -kupomogli-

A lull is more or less defined as "a long period of time when nothing notable happens."

Oh, and yes I do, although I don't really have much to show for it thusfar. While a few people have agreed to let me have theirs when they're done with them, it'll most likely be a few decades before I'll have more than just the one.

Pat Tuesday: 1, 1, 2, 3...

Parrot: Five! Eureka!

How sad is it that I actually remember that?

~ Desh

Well, I'd be tempted to make fun of you for it, but I'm the one who brought it up to begin with.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow Surlaw will be here. Be sure to shower him with questions, and if you'd like to guest host and get a free game out of the deal, also shower him with offers of Rhapsody or Guilty Gear XX.


Sanity is kind of a one trick pony. All you get is, one trick. Rational thinking. But when you're good and crazy, man, the sky's the limit!

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