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Googleshng - November 23 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

That's right. Today's column title is a Square One reference. Be afraid.

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Judging by the picture you posted (Paine in her Gambler's Outfit) I'm gonna assume you've beaten the Sphere Break Tournament in Chapter Three. How many tries did it take you? Cause I've done it SIX FRICKIN TIMES! And I still haven't beat Shinra! Every single time I start to get a decent Echo Combo going, he slaps me down with the number one. Once he used it three times in a row.

Is it just me, or have the Final Fantasy minigames been getting progressivly more annoying? FF8 had that damn Random rule to annoy you. Then FF9 made you play for half the game before telling you what all the numbers meant, and sometimes they didn't seem to matter at all. And of course, Blitz Ball tended to result in your team getting beat down quite often until you could get some decent stats/abilites.

Are the Squaresoft minigame programmers sadistic or something? Or is it just that Lady Luck really doesn't like me?

Well I don't entirely see the logic there, since I just picked a random skimpy outfit out of the hat for that example, but yes, I do indeed have that job. Got it on my first try too, although I agree that it's really annoying if you need a lot of combos stacked up and get a 1 in the middle there. This is honestly a universal problem shared by the bulk of mini-games in FF10-2 really. I was more annoyed with the whole using radar to find buried cameras bit. Especially since the reward for doing so just turned out to be a fairly useless grid.

Confusing Quandry

hi I am looking for a good rpg with mult hit like star ocean 2and3 and want a good story like final fantasy series do you have any ideas?

I haven't the foggiest idea what you mean by "mult hit" but I'm going to take a stab in the dark and recommend the "Tales of..." games.

Guilt and such.


My brother just bought a Gamecube yesterday to get the Zelda collection disc (I already own a cube, he just wanted one for himself) and we were talking about some of the dungeons. I then remembered about that swastica dungeon.. You know.. the one shaped like a swastica. Do you know if Nintendo ever explained what the deal was with that? I don't remember it causing any commotion (like the Pokemon Gold/Silver Unown swastica incident). Maybe I was too young to remember.

Oh yeah. What happened to the Roundtable and Japandemonium? I enjoyed reading both of those.

I had something else to ask you, but I can't remember. Oh well, back to Monster Rancher 4.

-Teh Village Eldar

RTs are on hiatus while I wait for the rest of the staff to put down FF11 long enough to attend them, the guy who does the Japandemonium is... also on hiatus.

Anyway though, the deal with yon dungeon is that it is not in fact shaped like a swastika. The arms bend in the wrong direction, making it a completely unrelated symbol from a different part of the world.

On a side note, the swastika was originally a symbol for good luck before nazis gave it such a bad reputation. I'd make some joke here about that live-action Tick show by the way, but that's the sort of analogy that really makes people freak out.

Oh, and since when is there an Unown that looks like a swastika? H looks like a TIE Fighter and X is as straight forward as they come.


yea im just wondering how many hours of game play X-2 has in it.


Well, you could probably finish in something like 10 hours if you really rushed, but I'd ballpark it closer to 60 if you don't skip over the myriad side missions.

I think you spent too much time thinking up yesterday's title. Or too little. Either works. ~ Greg

What can I say? I'm a fan of standardization in mathematical experssion.

The Last Laugh:

Surlaw's still looking for Rhapsody or Guilty Gear XX for what it's worth. Now I'm off to uh... OK, I admit it. I really don't have anything at all planned between now and when it's time to write tomorrow's column.

Googleshng "I'm a rather dull person."

A rather dull person who collects human skulls.

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