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Googleshng - November 17 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, Mario and Luigi is out today. FF10-2 is out tomorrow. I sense a great deal of shopping about to commence out there in reader land. Of course, before that, we have a new guest host in need of some questions. But before that, we have today's column.

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Random Silliness

I think the stranger concept is that the term "Achilles' heel" is now likenable to the apparently new term "Google's zombies."

To demonstrate the ramifications of this, let me show you a random example (from, appropriately, the Google search engine) of the term "Achilles' heel":

"It may have damaged the shuttle in one of its weakest points - its "Achilles' heel" - according to one engineer."

Now we put the new term into effect:

"It may have damaged the shuttle in one of its weakest points - its "Google's zombies" - according to one engineer."

Personally, I think this is absolutely leagues better. I vote we all begin replacing the term Achilles' heel with Google's zombies because, hey, who ever uses the term Achilles' heel anymore anyways? Additionally, it will send Greek mythology the important message that it better either shape up and get hip with the times or fall by the wayside.

Of course some details still need ironing out, such as whether Google is weak to single zombies, allowing for the phrase 'Google's zombie,' or, unlike Achilles, Google requires multiple amounts of his weakness (i.e., zombies) to be affected, necessitating the somewhat grammatically cumbersome 'Google's zombies.'

Now if you'll excuse me, someone has apparently shot me in the head, and as this is my Google's zombies, I must go to a hospital.

- andrew (not duff. or long.)

Well, the context of my observation was just that my appreciation for something, no matter how awful, increases if you throw in zombies. Theoretically it'd still work if it were only a single zombie. I mean, Idle Hands only had 2. My Resident Evil recreation in The Sims only had 1. "Google's zombie" would work I suppose.

Sagas and Legends and Tales.


I'm not sure how many people will write in correcting you on this point, but there is actually a 7th Saga 2. It was released only in Japan, and it was titled "Mystic Ark" and...that's all I know about it. But it does exist!
Also, I'm glad someone else noticed the irony that SaGa Frontier and 7th Saga used the same gameplay gimmick. I think most of the SaGa games allowed players to pick their main characters, actually, which leads me to wonder whether the title "7th Saga" isn't coincidental.
On an unrelated note, "Saga" is one of those words that tends to appear in the titles of games to appeal. The Granstream Saga is one example...I'm sure there are others, but I can't think straight now.
Also, most games with the word "Legend" in the title tend to have mediocre or worse receptions: Legend of Legaia, Legend of Mana, Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Alon D'ar, Lufia: The Legend Returns, and the Final Fantasy Legend games...which are actually SaGas. Hmm...

M.U. Diogenes

Well the title of The 7th Saga couldn't have anything to do with SaGa Frontier having come first and all, but it isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility that upon setting out to make SF, someone thought "hmm... 7th SaGa, 7th Saga..."

There's a massive hole in your naming theory there though in that most games with "Legend" in their title follow it with "of Zelda" and all those do great.

Lots of feedback from yesterday here.

Just a note, you don't need Cable or Sattelite to watch the Star Wars shorts. Just go to to watch them - simple as that as long as you have Real Player or Quick Time. I have Cable, but my schedule is too erratic to watch them all on TV.

Mario & Luigi came out today... wish I had time to pick it up.


A couple people pointed that out. It would still be impossible to actually watch it on CN as was asked. Anyway though, I'm looking forward to checking out M&L when I get a chance too. Paper Mario is one of the best games nobody ever played to be quite honest.

The Last Laugh:

Having tossed Onswah a copy of Dual Hearts, tomorrow Surlaw will be guest hosting. Be sure to send him plenty of letters, he's evidently played just about everything.

Oh yes, and if you'd like to take his place in the games for guest hosting chain, just offer up a copy of Rhapsody, or Guilty Gear XX for the PS2.

Googleshng "Time's all warpy."

Always pours after a drought in this business...

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