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Googleshng - November 16 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have a problem when it comes to Fire Emblem. In every other TRPG, when I get my characters way up there in levels, I can send them out into the fray alone, and know they'll come out without a scratch. In FE though, levels don't mean a heck of a lot, so when I send my super spiffy fighter out there thinking "pfft, I can take 3 hits no problem" I find out I'm wrong fairly often. Sure, the character in question can kill most things in one hit lately, but he really never got a boost to his defense.

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Start Your Day the Mulitparter Way

Hello Google.

I haven't been playing RPGs or reading your column very much in the last few months. Somehow I just fell out of the loop and I haven't been interested in playing any RPGs until recently.....

For some reason, I picked up my friends copy of 7th Saga when I was at his place and started playing it. And now, I'm hooked. Anyway....

1. Was there ever a sequel to The 7th Saga? I've heard this and that but nothing concrete.

I believe they had plans for one, but it fell through. Of course, SaGa Frontier (Which is ironically enough, the 7th in the series) used the same sort of gimmick, as did Unlimited Saga. Neither of them cop out as much asThe 7th Saga did either.

2. Did you ever play 7th Saga? If so, how far did you get and did/do you think it's any good?

I found the game to be fairly enjoyable at first, but three main points changed that.

  1. There really is ultimately no real difference between the characters aside from their stats.
  2. When you think you're done, you've really only reached the halfway point, and for the second half of the game you have to get by sans runes. Read: Much character building required.
  3. The ending is exactly the same for everyone, and it really doesn't make sense for more than half the characters.

I suppose I could also gripe about the duels against the other characters and how they're winable only by blind luck or tedious trial and error pattern memorization, but for some reason that doesn't bother me as much as the rest of it.

3. So, what's the deal with the Q&A now? Do you have 3 or 4 days a week and why is a different template used for your columns and Andrews?

I've always liked the regular template and I've always liked your columns. There was some fuss before between the different hosts (I believe) and, well, I'm glad you're still doing regular columns.

-Mike "Rahlious" White

Fuss between Q&A hosts? Eh?

Anyway though, yes, the current Q&A schedule is rather odd. Andrew would be in the standard weekend guy role, except weekends suck for him, so he's doing Wednesday-Friday, and I'm doing Saturday-Tuesday. As for why he doesn't use the standard Q&A template, well, he felt like making his own. Brad did the same thing back in the day as I recall.

Here's another.

"On a side note, FF10-2 and Mario Kart are coming out at the same time. Which one will you get, or neither, or both?" - LockeZ

Oh, my unfortunate friend. You neglect to mention the Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD (seasons 1 AND 2) that comes out Tuesday. Decisions, decisions...

And since I haven't asked a single question in my last four or five letters, here's a couple:

1. What's the approximate length of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? Is it gonna be a feature length thing, or a rip-off ten minute type deal?

It hasn't been officially announced that I recall, but I'd hazzard a guess at the half hour to an hour range.

2. Have you seen the Clone Wars shorts on Cartoon Network? If so, whaddya think?

Number one in the hood, G.

I believe this marks the 500th time I've had to point out to someone that my cable company doesn't carry the Cartoon Network.

We seem to have a theme going here.

Hey Google,

I've played through the other Fire Emblems not knowing what the story was, but I own the Fire Emblem now, and I've already finished the game, and I didn't like it, because none of my characters died once throughout the entire game(not just the first storyline, but each of them, and I didn't have to retry a battle once), so it was like a strategy game without the strategy. Just wondering why you like it, and have any of your characters died throughout the game, or have you had to restart a battle? After you finish the first storyline, and go on to the second, it says that your characters will end up dying permanently, but as no one has died once, that hasn't happened to me, and I was wondering if it was the same in her story as well(that's only if you died of course, if you didn't then of course you wouldn't know)?

As I mentioned up in the intro there, the only time I've had characters die is when I get overconfident and take stupid risks. To be fair though, that's a lot more than I've died in any other TRPG that I can recall. Well, except for Hoshigami, but how hard do you want it?

Anyway though, the game is fairly easy compared to others in the series from what I've heard, but it has a hard mode I gather you haven't checked out yet, so why not try that?

Also, how many months do you suppose FFX - 2 will be greatest hits? I'm thinking that since every time Squaresoft has released a game recently except for UNLMITED Saga, since everyone of them has sucked, as they spend nothing on the game but graphics, that I wouldn't end up getting FFX - 2 until it was about to go greatest hits and the price was 19.99, but then I'd have to end up saying I don't own all the FF games as soon as they came out, since I've waited, but I would still have the originals, as well as being in perfect condition. Also, I'm one who can't really help getting the series even how they've been because I've been collecting them my entire life(because 1-6 were actually good, the gameplay to 9 was good, while the story sucked, and the original Tactics is great, while I am also fond of Mystic Quest), so most likely I'd get it as soon when it comes out anyways.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

I really find it disturbing how often people write into this column saying they plan to buy a game they don't expect to enjoy. If your only motivation to buy something is so you can brag that you own it, I really have to wonder who it is you're trying to impress.

The Last Laugh:

Hooray for mail server functionality.

Googleshng "Zombies:Google::Heel:Achilles"

So... uh... I can only be killed if you hit me in my zombies?

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